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My face is always!

Hey everyone!

Does anyone have any tips agains sweat? Specifically facial sweat?

I am constantly sweaty... boob and back sweat is fairly easy to hide, and I wear deodorant, so, I don't smell bad. However, my face looks like I had a shower in summer. I'm so self consious about it. Even when i'm wearing shorts and a tank top i'm still overheating.

Created: 9 months ago
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9 months

I get this too! Facial sweat is worse than any other sweat on my body, it's constant forehead and top lip leaking.

My advice is a nice sensible hairstyle with no hair touching your face, and handkerchiefs, so you can mop your brow whenever you feel the need 😂

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9 months

If you find a solution, let me know! For some reason my face sweats profusely while the rest of me is just a little damp. It’s weird and annoying.

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9 months

Absorbent headbands help me so much! I sweat a lot, especially on my head and face and they do so much at the gym or while doing chores.

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9 months
Same! I always tie my hair back and keep it out of my face. Carry a scarf with me mostly to keep my shoulders covered (I burn easily) but also to mop my brow.. I don’t go anywhere without a fan and I also use a cooling face spray.
harriet45 OP
9 months

ok good so it's not just me! I hate it so much! the fan is a cute idea. I will also try the absorbent headband while i'm working. it's just so annoying when i'm trying to look cute for a day and just sweating so much

thanks everyone

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8 months

I get this too. I keep a pack of tissues with me and dab my face as I'm always sweating. the fabric you wear can make a difference so stick to natural fabrics rather than synthetic like polyester.

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