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Welcome to Insyze, founded by sisters Sylvie and Danielle as the ultimate one stop shopping destination for plus size fashion.

Right now, we're a baby-site where you can search from thousands of plus size products by some of your favorite brands; but we've got a lot of exciting developments planned and lots more features on the way!

Our Instagram followers know that we're super keen to hear what kind of features and brands YOU want to see on Insyze; we also want to know how we can make this experience even better as a shopper.

So please, if you have feedback to give, we'd love you to share it using this form. We hope you enjoy using Insyze to find the clothing you love and confidence you deserve.

Plus size model wearing leopard dress


Our mission is to help all people, of every shape, size and race feel confident in their own skin.

We want to make online shopping for plus size clothing a seamless, enjoyable experience. Now your search for great fashion is no longer relegated to the token plus size section on regular sites.

On Insyze, we celebrate your curves and allow you to search for the clothes you want, in your size, in one space.


We want to make fashion something that every woman can enjoy and be a part of, no matter what the number says on the scale.

We’re inspired by the fierce, daring and bold females that are challenging the conventions and definitions of beauty.

So we’re making Insyze the ultimate online destination for plus size fashion. A search engine, with style. A shopping experience, with substance.


Use Insyze as you would any other store or search engine. We update our product feeds multiple times a day, as we aim to always have the most recent products, prices and sizes available.

As a new start-up, we want to improve Insyze so that it works best for you. If you have feedback or a request for features, let us know using this feedback form. We’ll give you a little reward in return for helping us out.