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Do you shop from Shein?

They have a lot of cute things that are cheap, but are they trustworthy and ok quality? What's their sizing like?

I'd appreciate hearing your experiences.

Created: about 1 year ago
about 1 year

I haven't personally shopped Shein because I've read they have unethical labour practices - which is probably why their clothes are so cheap.

What is it about the Shein clothing that appeals to you most? e.g. styles, pricing, sizing etc?

angelikah OP
about 1 year

it just seems like one of the few places that has a large variety of inexpensive and trendy plus size clothes.

about 1 year

My experience with Shein has been very hit and miss. Be prepared to give some clothes to your friends because the sizing is very inconsistent. I strongly advise you to only buy items that have had a lot of reviews!

about 1 year

I love Shein!

True the quality isn't always the best but it's very affordable, so you get what you pay for.

about 1 year

Their customer service is useless and their refund policy sucks. So yeah the clothing is cheap but so is the company. I won't be buying from them again.

about 1 year

I got some swimwear from Shein. It only lasted a couple of washes so I only ended up wearing it 3 times. I don't think the quality is brilliant, but you get what you pay for.

about 1 year

I've had a good experience in terms of shipping times. the quality was ok! I haven't had to return anything yet though. I would buy again.

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