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Wedding in the Midwest

An old friend of mine is getting married and her husband to be is from Duluth, Minnesota, so they're having a lakeside wedding there in June.

What's the weather like at the time of year? Not sure what to wear! Drop some links and advice for a gal in need!

Created: 6 months ago
6 months

That sounds super fun! I'm not sure about the weather but you should check out our wedding guest edit for some inspo

Do you want to go for a dress or rather a two-piece? I'd love to make a collection for you.

5 months

I'm not from there but I went in July one year and the daylight is amazing that time of year. I was also surprised at how hot it can be, in the 80s!

Is it a fancy wedding? Something chic and linen would be cute and comfortable.

5 months

a simple maxi dress would be perfect. something lightweight as it can be hot that time of year.

angelikah OP
5 months

honestly I think it's gonna be low key. the dress code said semi formal, so nothing too fancy. i like the idea of a maxi dress.

5 months

this dress in red?

5 months
❤️❤️❤️ love it @sarahkay12
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