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What do I wear on vacation with my skinny friends

I am going on a short vacation with a few of my friends who can basically wear crop tops and have no fupa. They are all coke bottle shaped. I am in between a pear and an apple shape and am the only plus sized one. My bestie (one of the group) really does cheerlead for me but I am still feeling self conscious and low key anxious about the trip. How am I supposed to feel cute when I know good and well I just don't look the same? I am dieting and exercising but the weightloss has been a slow process.

I also just do not know what to wear. I don't want to be completed covered up, but also don't think I'll be comfortable in a bikini around them.

Created: 8 months ago
8 months

Your body is fine as it is. You don't need to be a coke bottle shape to look and feel good with your friends on vacation!

I’m sure your aware but everyone has insecurities even the skinny girls you're going on the trip with. There's no need to be threatened or made insecure by their bodies when your body is just as valid and beautiful too! There's no shame in having a pear/apple shape and not being a size 4.

Pack the clothes that make you feel amazing and focus on the amazing experience and time you're going to have with your friends. If that means not wearing a bikini then that's ok. Get yourself a beautiful one piece that you love and feels stylish. Wear kaftans and accessorize with big hats.

Don’t let other peoples bodies influence how you feel about yours. Yours is the one you live in and yes it’s difficult sometimes but your body is for you to enjoy and flourish in even on your worst days.

8 months

Step 1: Pack your cutest outfits and don't get in your own way of having fun.

Step 2: Stop believing the bullshit society feeds you. You are just as valuable and lovely and worthy of feeling cute as anyone else.

Step 3: Enjoy your vacation!

8 months
Please try to stop comparing! It’s totally natural but also so negative for your self esteem to constantly compare your body to theirs. Accentuate the parts you love and just go on this trip with lots of fun and happy energy! Confidence is seriously the key to everything
carissaloves OP
8 months

thank you, i know i shouldnt compare but its just so hard when they are all the skinny ideal.

8 months

maybe follow some body positive influencers to help you feel cute. i think it's hard if you're constantly surrounded by media and people who feed this 'ideal' body type. Follow some curvy ladies for inspiration. it helps!

8 months

Have a great trip @carissaloves 😎

Definatley agree that comparing yourself to others is just the worst. I came across pictures from a old school trip the other day and I definatley stuck out like a sore thumb. Try to live in the moment and instead of worrying about your differences appreciate what makes you and your friends similar.

I totally agree with packing your cutest outfits and wearing what you feel comfortable wearing. I'm a one-pice wonder kind of gal and you can get a cute kaftan or sarong to cover up on the beach if that makes you feel more comfortable. If you do want to try a bikini there's some great options with sleeves or even skirts - check out Alpine Butterfy.

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