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Here's to everyone struggling with body image

My entire life, I have been plus. I have also hated my body my entire life.

It's taken a toll on my mental health and caused me to spiral intro depression. Weirdly, the pandemic was a positive turning point for me.

Last year, I decided my body is no longer ‘bad’. I’m spending this year embracing it and learning to love and be thankful for it… and to realize that literally no one cares what I wear or how I look.

Sharing because if you're going through a tough time right now or have always hated your body, it doesn't have to be like this. You can live in a fat body and be happy.

Created: about 1 year ago
about 1 year

we love to see it!! ❤️❤️

about 1 year

THIS! I’ve just adopted a “fuck it im cute” mindset bc i want to start wearing what i want now instead of when “i dont care anymore."

Curious to know why the pandemic was a turning point for you in deciding you no longer thought of your body as 'bad'?

annabelbrown OP
about 1 year

thank you. I'm definitely working towards the fuck it im cute mindset! Right now i'm at, fuck it, i'm not 'not cute'. haha.

Honestly, i think that I found the pandemic a break from how hectic life is sometimes. I didn't realize how much social situations made me worry about my body and how I looked. I just felt better being at home more and getting more sleep.

Since everything's been open again, I just don't feel as much pressure like I used to. Something just switched inside my head I guess!

about 1 year

thank you so much @Annabelbrown for sharing. I've also been plus my entire life and for most of it have been the only fat friend which has been quite lonely when the things you're experiencimg are very different to those of people around you. That's why spaces like Insyze are so good because there are people here who just get it.

For me I think the pandemic has also meant more inward reflection for me too probably because there was a lot less judgment (especially if you can't really go anywhere) I followed loads of body positive plus size folks so I was seeing others who looked like me and seeing how amazing they were doing in life and I could do that too.

about 1 year

this is so inspiring to read. I'm a big gal (5'7", size 20, big belly, stretchmarks etc) and tbh I have a major, major complex about my body.

Sometimes I get so insecure about my looks that I avoid social situations, sexual intimacy, even potential jobs...

What do you guys do to combat stuff like this? How do you shield yourselves from the negativity?

about 1 year

My best advice? Dress in something that makes you feel good. Personally, when I feel down, I dress in things I love and do super elaborate make-up and hair to get me feeling alright.

If doing that doesn't do the trick, I look up amazing plus-size women, listen to my favorite music and try to take my mind away from the negativity by focusing on things I love 😌

about 1 year

the pandemic definitely made me gain weight and i'm personally trying to deal with my own fat phobia and shame at having to buy a size up now. I hope I can be free of this feeling one day.

about 1 year

yep. I've also been dealing with shame for gaining weight all last year and needing to size up. I was living in loose clothing so only noticed when I needed to buy new stuff. Try to tell myself that size doesn't matter, but sometimes it's hard not to feel shame at my weight.

about 1 year

Same here. I want to overcome my body shame issues, but some days I just don't know how. I have 'good body day's and I literally feel fine and good then huge body dysmorphia kicks in and the next day it's like i'm looking at someone completely different. It's crazy to me.

annabelbrown OP
about 1 year

@prettyfly honestly this is so relatable because body dysmorphia is exactly it. All I can say is that i'm trying really hard every day to be kind to myself and see the best in myself and it's not easy on 'bad days'.

@angel25 yes girl, makeup and self care is super important. I am really into my skin care now too.

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