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Hi everyone

Hi I've just joined insyze, I'm looking for some ideas on going out outfits , I've put on so much weight during lock down and lost all my confidence, I'm a uk size 22 on top and a 16-18 on bottom, really struggling with what to wear need some inspiration x

Created: 12 months ago
12 months
Welcome to Insyze Lisa! This is such a supportive community and I’ve found so many ideas on here from other people my size. I think basically everyone here has gained weight during the pandemic so you’re not alone! But just because you’ve gained weight doesn’t mean you can’t look good. We’re all here for you!
12 months

Hey @lisa39 and welcome!

Check out @livbyviv her body shape sounds similar to yours and she has amazing style.

If you want to create balance with your shape, then a fit and flare style would really suit you.

Here's an ASOS midi dress that's cute in this style:

When in doubt, wrap dresses are your best friend. When I am feeling low in confidence, I will always go to a wrap dress because you can adjust the size and fit to your body.

Here's another cute ASOS one:

For tops, a nice V neck is super flattering and elongates your neck.

Here's a cute satin style - gorgeous for a dinner out!

happy to help you with more ideas too!


12 months

Welcome to Insyze @lisa39 🤗

I've created a collection of styles that I hope you like.

Fit and flare styles and dresses and skirts with full circle skirts would be ideal for you. If trousers and jeans are more your style straight leg or flares are prefect. I totally agree with @cherry7543 about wrap dresses and v-necks. We'd love to see your looks 😀

12 months

Hey there gorgeous! We've all been there with low confidence. Here's what I do to get myself feeling better and more confident before going out.

Step 1: blast some empowering songs and dance around your house. Dancing literally shakes away negative energy in your body (and no one is watching you while you're at home so you don't need to feel self conscious!)

Step 2: Paint your nails, do your hair, get all dolled up.

Step 3: Get dressed and maybe add some badass boots and a fierce leather jacket to your outfit. Wear clothes that highlight your favorite features.

Step 4: Repeat to your inner self that you are worthy, you are beautiful at every size and you are not defined by your weight.

Then go and have fun on your night out!

11 months

Thanks for mentioning me @cherry7543 !!

11 months

I am so inspired by you @livybyviv 😍

11 months

@lisa39 you are amazing and no matter your size, you can wear whatever makes you happy. I hope you found some cute stuff!

11 months

Confidence building from the inside out. No matter what size. Find a way to fall in love with the small things. A new pair of dangling earrings, a new lipstick color. Buy yourself a nosegay from a local florist and carry around some fresh flowers for the day. I think trying to do a few dresses always feels fresh and you are one and done - pull on a dress and a killer boot for Fall and you can really accessorize it and feel feminine and cute and really put together.

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