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How do you feel about showing your body at the pool

today I realized i really hate showing my body at the pool. I feel like everyone is staring at me with disgust and it makes me so uncomfortable.

but I want to enjoy going to the pool with my family in summer.

so I was wondering.. how do you feel about yourself at the pool? Are you ashamed of your body, so you avoid it all? Are you more like "Screw 'em," and just wear what you want to wear and have a great time? What about in the middle? Are you willing to have fun, but with coverings over the fattier sides of yourself (i.e. like swim shirts, one-piece swimsuits, etc.)?

I really hate feeling like this. Can anyone share any advice?

T xx

Created: about 1 year ago
about 1 year

I wear a one-piece in the pool and usually throw some shorts over the bottom when I’m lounging. I have good days where I don’t care what people think, and bad days where I worry a bit. Overall, I’m still going to swim and be comfortable. We have to live our lives regardless of the opinions and nastiness of others.

There's a 99% chance they're not staring at you as well hunny xx

about 1 year

I used to feel so insecure that I would wear shorts and huge t-shirt over a one piece. I eventually told myself ," who cares!?!?" Nobody is gonna come up to me and say "ewww you're fat!" So I just went for it. It took a while but now I go and I feel fine. Definitely more comfortable in my own skin!! You are all beautiful!!! 💛

tamaraoryx OP
about 1 year

i'm in the huge tshirt stage for sure. 😣

about 1 year

I was a bit shy going to pools and stuff but now I have a nice one piece that has a body shaping feel to it and that makes me feel ok.

find something that works for you and rock it

about 1 year

I really doubt people are looking at you as much as you think. Most women are self conscious at the pool, and are probably not thinking about you at all.

about 1 year

everyone has insecurities, so don't worry about what other people are thinking. You have nothing to fear by going to the pool and enjoying yourself.

Have some nice kaftans and coverups for when you're lounging and find a bikini or one piece that makes you feel comfortable and good.

Also do something nice for yourself and moisturise, apply sun lotion and get yourself a mani-pedi! Feeling good starts from the inside but it helps when you feel good on the outside too


about 1 year

I'm getting used to it. I'm trying out the IDGAF attitude but it's easier on my own than around others.

about 1 year

I don't really like the pool or the beach but I do prefer full bathing suits and wear kimonos unless i'm laying out.

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