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I noticed I'm getting wrinkles and freaking out.

I'm in my early 30s and have always had pretty good skin. My face is definitely my favorite part about me, even when I've struggled with my body confidence issues and being fat, I always felt good still because at least my face was kinda pretty.

But now i'm getting older, I'm see fine lines on my face. I look older. It's giving me anxiety because I never considered my face changing would make me lose what little confidence I do have.

Has anyone felt like this? What are the anti-aging products you use?

Created: about 1 year ago
about 1 year

Ageing happens to us all and it's something we just have to accept. Like the diet industry, the beauty industry is worth billions because it plays on our insecurities about our looks. As long as you're wearing a good SPF and moisturizing for the health of your skin, that's probably the best you can do - but you won't slow the hands of time unfortunately!

Your face might get older, but that doesn't mean you won't still be beautiful. Sending love OP xx

about 1 year

Honestly yes and I think it's another form of my body dysmorphia. When you spot something you feel insecure about, it always becomes so much bigger and worse than it actually is.

Ageing skin is something we do all have to accept, but it's always good to invest in a good SPF and look after your skin now.

I've tried skin needling before as it helps to boost collagen production and makes your skin look plumper. It can be an expensive treatment depending on where you live and you need to go a few times for the results to reallyshow and be more long lasting.

If it really affects your confidence, you're probably at a good age for botox if that's something you'd want to try. Do your research and make sure you go to a reputable practitioner.

about 1 year

I'm sorry you're feeling anxious about aging OP.

No one is meant to have a baby-faced, poreless complexion forever, but this is the message that many of us are bombarded with on a daily basis.

The normalization of fillers and botox is worrying and gives a lot of women a false sense of what normal aging looks like.

We have age-phobia and fat-phobia in our society and both are unneccessary and toxic.

about 1 year

I'm 34. I've done Botox and fillers and microneedling, and I've spent hundreds of hours reading skincare blogs and agonizing over sunscreen and retinoids. Now I just have a basic skincare routine that doesn't cost me half my pay check.

All this shit is based on a patriarchy that tells us that because we're aging, we're no longer sexually viable and therefore we're not valuable to men. Fuck that!

You're perfect the way you are and at every age.

You're more than your body and your face OP,

about 1 year

38 year old here and totaly agree with you @taylorkay223

what’s so bad about just aging naturally? Everyone does it and wrinkles don’t equal ugly.

Don’t stress about it as ironically the stress will just make you look older. You’ll be fine as long as you’re doing basic skin care and not smoking or doing fucking crack.

Use moisturizer and sunscreen if you’re out in the sun a lot of the time.. Take care of your skin and let nature take its course.

about 1 year

I've seen threads where girls as young as 18 are talking about anti wrinkle creams and discussing getting botox. It's drilled into us our entire lives that aging = ugly and less worthy. this is so wrong! OP, you will still have your pretty face at 80, you will just be older.

about 1 year

I'm 30 too and totally get what you mean @roseanne_k and I know that any wrinkles are just signs that of a life lived but why do they have to appear so early?

I try to embrace any wrinkles when they come along - I'm not going to restrict my facial expressions just to save on a few frown lines. But my best advice is to keep your skin hydrated, invest a good eye cream and always wear SPF. They discontinued the cream I use but its from this collection from Origins: 😀

about 1 year

please don't stress @roseanne_k

everything changes as we get older, our faces, bodies, minds and wisdom. Maybe start following older people on social media so you can appreciate the beauty in everyone, not just super young 20 year olds!

about 1 year

Invest in a good eye cream OP.

I've been using this dermalogica one and it's made a difference to my fine lines
about 1 year
I say avoid anti aging products. This is how I see it: - earn those lines, you have LIVED. Those lines represent the smiles and tears and joy and frustration you've felt these past 30odd years. - hydrate hydrate hydrate. When skin becomes dehydrated, it looses its elasticity. Hydration needs to be both internal and external, so load up on water and look for gentle products contained hyualoric acid. - remember that thin layers of several products, works better than thick layers of one or two products (speak to a good dermatologist if you don't know what your skin needs). My routine is to double cleanse with super gentle cleansers, then I use an essense but some people prefer a toner, then I use a serum, then a light moisturiser at night and an spf30 or spf50 moisturiser during the day. - finally, try not to compare your face to others. People live different lives. Genetics play a role in our aging process. Photoshop exists...and fillers etc aren't for everyone and can warp your self perception over time.
roseanne_k OP
about 1 year

I appreciate you all so much, thank you for your answers. I've been avoiding mirrors lately again and it's been really hard to notice my skin looking more tired. I think I need to hydrate more for sure... and I think I need to upgrade my skin care routine and would love your recommendations! what is the serum you use in your routine?

Does anyone have a good eye cream for a small budget? Appreciate your help xxx

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