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Style tips for the V body shape

Hey Insyders!

If you have an V body shape (otherwise known as inverted triangle), what are the style tips you live by? 😍

Share them below!

Created: about 1 year ago
about 1 year

I avoid off the shoulder tops and dresses as they make me feel even more top heavy! I like my boobs so I'll wear low cut tops instead 😉

about 1 year

My best tip? Invest in good bras and get regular bra fittings. Ashley Stewart have a great selection of supportive, non slip and comfortable bras that I've had for years.

At my last bra fitting I realize my bra size was 3 sizes out and I'd been wearing the wrong size for years! Go get your fittings done ladies

about 1 year

Invest in a good wrap dress, as they can easily be adjusted even if you gain or lose some weight. They are are so flattering and make me feel good.

about 1 year

I'm in between an O and a V bodyshape, being top heavy. I just wanna share what I said in the other Chat... don't be afraid to show your VBO (visible belly outline!) it's ok to have a belly. Don't feel the need to hide it. Wear whatever you want to express your mood and authentic self!

about 1 year

Accept you need a good supportive bra and balance your shape out. Don't wear turtlenecks.. I don't anyway!

insyze OP
11 months

Got a style tip to add? share yours here! 😍

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