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I want to exercise but not for weight loss

I want to start exercising but not necessarily to lose weight. I have become stagnant since the pandemic and I want to get my groove back.

Is there a good workout or exercise for plus size people to get strong and feel energized that isn’t focused on fat loss?

Created: almost 3 years ago
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almost 3 years

I'm obsessed with Jessmyn for yoga.

Here's her IG. I believe she might also have a Youtube channel. super nice yoga flows and designed for bigger bodies. She rocks!

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almost 3 years

do you have any nice hikes nearby? i love putting a podcast on and hiking. it clears my mind 😌

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almost 3 years

I just love going for walks. I tend to avoid the gym because I hate being the biggest there!

I have done some home workouts and youtube videos but I get kinda demotivated at home.

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