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Fashion with Sensory Difficulties

Hi, new here. I'm trying to revamp my style and wardrobe, but as an autistic and ADHD young cis-woman, I deal with sensory issues which includes issues with clothing textures and fit. I want to wear things that make me feel good, but it's hard to find items I can stand wearing for extended periods of time. My go to is looser fitting leggings and t-shirts, which isn't really a good look. Most of my wardrobe is loose, soft, shapeless, and rather frumpy. Do any of you have recommendations for brands/pieces that aren't scratchy, or might work for me while also looking good?

Created: 6 months ago
6 months
Hey @kyrabemis and welcome :) Iā€™d recommend breathable fabrics like the dresses from Dani Marie or Altar (both of them are on Insyze) šŸ˜Š
6 months

Welcome! The fabric really is everything.

My sister has sensory issues and does 99% of her shopping online so she can easily check the materials list and then sends back the things that don't work.

Avoid any synthetic fabrics, like polyester and look for natural fabrics. Rayon is good - it's pretty soft. The exception for my sister is linen - she hates linen so I think you could too as it's a bit scratchy - but does keep you cool in the summer.

Altar have some beautiful items.

Are you looking for every day wear? Or something in particular for an event?

kyrabemis OP
6 months

I'm looking for everyday wear mostly!

6 months

Universal Standard have some very comfy pieces. Some of their garments are made with polyester so check the fabric on the description, but there's some really nice styles that are soft and (almost) seamless.

This dress is cute:

6 months

my FAVORITE brand is Loud Bodies! they use fabrics like tencel, lyocell and organic materials. They also have really cute options. Nothing boring about their clothes! But you can wear them every day.

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