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How to feel confident on vacation?

Next week I’m going on vacation down south, which is obviously very hot at this time of year. I never wear clothes that show much skin and i'm very self conscious of my legs, cellulite and belly.

I usually wear a lot of sweatpants, leggings and oversized tees as this is what i've always been most comfortable in. I've been plus size for years and don't know what my style is anymore.

Since the weather is hot and humid, I figured I’d have to wear more of summer like clothes but I've never worn a bathing suit or shorts because I really hate my legs and arms. I just want to look comfortable and feel ok, because i'm going with another couple and don't want to be self conscious the whole time.

Created: almost 3 years ago
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almost 3 years

Ignore thinking about your body and enjoy the vacation. I know this is easier said than done, but it's really all you can and should do.

You should feel comfortable!

One thing I've found is when you're buying clothes, don't think about sizes (I know that can be hard). Don't think about it being plus size or straight size - they're just clothes. Try things on and buy what fits and is comfortable, even if it means buying things online and sending half of it back!

You are more conscious of how you look than anyone else, I know this first hand... No one is staring at you and wondering why you are wearing shorts in 90 degree weather. They all know why-cause it would be ridiculous to wear full length sweatpants that would be super hot! It can be so hard to love our bodies as they are, but that love is so important. It helps us treat our bodies better and make healthier choices. Remember, no one looks at a thin person in shorts and a crop top and thinks "wow she's so confident to wear that." You deserve to be able to wear that too. Or whatever else makes you feel comfortable in the weather you're in. Just because we have bigger bodies, doesn't mean we can't enjoy vacations or wear nice clothes in summer. We need to lose the shame around being bigger, there is no shame. I know everything I have said is easier said than done, but it's the truth!

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almost 3 years

This sounds weird but it's how I started to accept my body some more.... Hang out naked when you're alone! Like round the house. Get used to your naked body. Also, wear more revealing clothes at home so when you're out in public it doesn't feel as weird. Just make sure you close the blinds haha

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almost 3 years

In the summer months I like to wear maxi dresses with spandex shorts underneath because I get chafing and whatnot. Sweating in the heat can be very uncomfortable so I don't wear shorts because they are actually the worst at giving me chafing in hot places.

Stick to light, flowy pieces and breathable fabrics like linen as these are the best in hot weather and you will be most comfortable wearing them. If swimsuits make you nervous, a cute cover up can help a lot and provide sun protection - a must!

There was a thread on here recently about thigh chafing - look into a product like Body Glide for chafing. You can put it on your thighs to stop chafing and all around your bra band and cleavage. It works really well.

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almost 3 years
This is all such great advice! It’s hard to turn on confidence - it’s not just a switch! But a good place to start is being kind to yourself and not shaming yourself in your head. Focus on the fun of the trip and not on your body. You deserve the best vacation ever! ❤️❤️
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almost 3 years
I agree, it sometimes feels like you’re expected to show some skin when it’s warm but I think the most important thing is to wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. For me that’s floaty maxi dresses. ☺️
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almost 3 years

Honey! I'm not sure what part of the south you are visiting but I assure you our southern men LOVE plus size/thick women!! I'm not a confident female by any means but I'm 100 times more confident here than I've ever been anywhere else. I don't know if that helps but just enjoy yourself and most women here will look more like us which is an added bonus!

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aliyastyle OP
over 2 years

thank you for all your comments. this means a lot. I wanted to let you know I had a super fun vacation and when I felt myself getting self conscious, I thought of your advice.

@ukrainianbuddafly I actually got some nice attention which was a happy surprise!

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