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What are you doing for the holidays?

Are you spending time with family? Friends?

I'm visiting family up state and having some time off. I need a vacation so bad!

Not looking forward to comments about my weight.

Created: 11 months ago
11 months

Me too.

I'll be with family. Not sure what to wear this year.

11 months

I’ll be in a very large & cozy sweater & not-too-tight leggings with fuzzy socks and ankle boots. I wanna look semi-decent, but comfort’s the main priority over here!

11 months

Good call on the fuzzy socks! *goes to pack some*

11 months

I'm spending it with family in my home town.

I haven’t yet figured out what I’m going to wear this year, but usually I like to go for fashionable AND comfortable.

A sweater dress + tights + ankle boots in a fall color scheme is probably my favorite combo to wear for Thanksgiving!

11 months
My sister and her husband (!) are coming home so we are also having family over. I love to get fully dressed up for the occasion ☺️
11 months
Dinner at my Dad’s House this year. 🥰
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