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I have no style identity and I don't know what to buy

I've never been comfortable in any clothing. With my big belly I have a hard time finding pants that fit or tops that are long enough. I like black and gray mostly. I like to be comfortable and have never really been able to wear a dress or skirt or anything like that. I also have really large upper arm wings as I call them. I absolutely adore the goth type fashion, I just don't feel it would suit my body. Not sure where to shop or what to buy on a budget. Recently I found Kohls has had at least some athletic stuff that fits me okay. But I'm still living in leggings and men's t-shirts most of the time. Should I be wearing my pants up over my stomach? I do with leggings because I am short and they bunch up but I've never found jeans I could do that with that didn't cut into me when I sat down. And I get like a gap at my leg crease area where it looks like my pants are filled with air when I do wear them over my stomach. I'm just at a loss honestly. I'm 5'4 and 290. I carry most of my weight in my stomach (apron tummy) but I also have big thighs and my upper arms are saggy and floppy. In plus sized leggings and athletic/sweats I'm wearing a 1x, tops are usually 2x or 3x and jeans are anywhere from 18-22 but thats wearing them at my hip and not over my stomach. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Created: over 2 years ago
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over 2 years

The great thing about goth fashion is that it's quite budget-friendly! It has always been about creativity and individuality, so DIY and thrifting are your best friends!

You can incorporate the goth style with accessories as well so you can always check out mainstream stores for jewelry and bags. To stretch your budget further, keep an eye on sale racks (or online sales).

When it comes to goth clothing, you can't go wrong with a high waisted black skater skirt, black tights and a black tshirt tucked into your skirt with a chain necklace. You can also find band tees (so check out the mens tees because they look better anyway!) T-shirts are generally inexpensive - start with bands’ websites and Bandcamp pages. If you can’t get official t-shirts, try Etsy.

I prefer high waisted pants personally, because i feel like it's support for my stomach. They're also trendy so I think it's a good look.

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over 2 years

hey @queenofscales ❤️ I have also struggled with not knowing what to wear and feeling like i have no style.

I think it really helps finding fellow curvy ladies to follow with a similar body type and style I like for inspo.

I love following @beyourjoy. from your description, it sounds like you have a similar size and body type. Seeing her outfits and posts helped me embrace my belly and what to wear.

I like wearing pants over my stomach too. You can wear long tops over it or tuck tops in while tousling the tuck so it's a loose looking fit. Draw attention to your neckline with V neck tops. Wear skater style skirts for sure.

Getting some good basics like high waisted jeans, some black blouses and tees, and some cute accessories with a nod to the goth style would look very cute!

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over 2 years

High waisted pants FTW! I'm also a big fan of tunic top/dresses

Hell Bunny and Killstar do some really cute goth fashion

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