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Style tips for the H body shape

Hey Insyders!

If you have a H body shape (otherwise known as straight up and down or banana), what are the style tips you live by? ⭐

Share them below!

Created: about 1 year ago
about 1 year

my style tip for my fellow H shaped gals is to wear skater skirts and skater style dresses! I'm inbetween a H and V body shape and I like skater styles for balancing out my shape.

about 1 year

I carry my weight evenly on my body so I recently realized I'm a H shape. I feel best wearing floaty dresses an loose fitting clothing. My style tip is to wear whatever makes you feel your best!

about 1 year

I love peplum tops and wrap tops. They create a more defined waist and make me feel more confident than other tops. 😌

about 1 year

Get yourself a belted trench coat, as not only does it look really stylish, it can be tied to create more of a waist and upgrades any look. I have a coat from Eloquii that I bought years ago that I still wear now!

about 1 year

Create shape with the cut of your clothing and accessories like belts. I love skater styles for skirts and dresses!

about 1 year

I have this body type so I always wear cute dresses and feminine styles as that's my style. I don't think so much about what my body shape is and more about if I like what I'm wearing. If I feel good then that's the best style tip I can have!

11 months

I have a rectangle body shape and have learned that it's all about the neckline for if something is going to look good on me or not.

To create curves, it's good to choose a round neckline - like a scoop or jewel neckline.

B‍ut my favorite necklines for my shape are the lower, wider necklines - like a wide V, slash or sweetheart necklines, because they visually lengthen the shoulder and bust area.

I avoid turtlenecks because they make me look boxy..

insyze OP
11 months

Got a style tip to add? share yours here! 😍

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