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Interview outfit help!!

I’m having a dilemma deciding what to wear for an interview (it's for a tech startup). I believe the dress code is casual but I want to look smart for the interview.

I’ve heard that you should always wear your shirt tucked in but I have a somewhat large belly that hangs and I really don’t want it to be visible for the interview (which it will be if I wear a shirt tucked in). Is it ok to wear a shirt untucked? What kinds of shirts would look like they’re supposed to be untucked?

Should I just wear a tshirt? help!

Created: about 1 year ago
sherylstyle OP
about 1 year

Also, I'm a size 30 - so options can be limited.

about 1 year

Hi @sherylstyle

Good luck for your interview! I'm sure you'll smash it 😀

You can absolutley wear a shirt whatever you want it. I hate tucking in shirts too so totally get it, you want to feel confident at your interview.

I've made a collection for you with shirts and blouses:

about 1 year

It sounds like you probably don't need to wear a shirt for a tech start up interview, they tend to be pretty casual. You definitely want to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident, so if you don't like shirts - don't wear them!

I also have what I refer to as a heckin’ belly hang, to the point that I feel very uncomfortable wearing pants.. I tend to get around the shirt-tucking issue and general dislike of pants by wearing a skater dress style which will skim over any VBO (visible belly outline) and is also comfortable.

I will also share what I am CONSTANTLY reminding myself.... people can see that we’re plus size regardless of what we’re wearing, so don’t let yourself get too carried away trying to hide your shape.

As long as what you’re wearing is appropriate to the situation and feels (relatively) comfortable for you, it’s nobody’s business whether they can see the lines of your belly hang inside of your pants! I know this is easier said than done, but thought I should bring it up anyway.

about 1 year
A blouse could look cute if you prefer a loose look! I would definitely wear what makes you feel good so you can focus on aceing the interview.
sherylstyle OP
about 1 year

thank you! you're all so kind. I've decided to wear a tshirt dress as it sounds very casual there. Appreciate your advice!
about 1 year
What about a shirt dress? They can be dressed up or down, so if your interview is more casual...pair with a cute pair of pumps or fashion sneakers, but still keep it smart with a nice pair of earrings and nude pink lip.
11 months

Congrats on interviews!

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