Style tips for the A body shape

Hey Insyders!

If you have an A body shape (otherwise known as the pear shape), what are the style tips you live by? 👏

Share them below!

Created: 9 months ago
9 months

I have the same pear body type as my mom and she always told me to define my waist. So that's my tip too!

9 months

I always wear high waisted pants, they accentuate your waist in a good way and make me feel the most comfortable in my body.

9 months

Get yourself a good selection of anti-chafing shorts because your thighs will rub sweetie. But you can still look cute in dresses and skirts without walking around with an unusually wide leg stance!

9 months

I love tailoring and pant suits, especially a nice crisp blazer and wide leg pants... it's a sharp look and my go-to for when I want a confidence boost.

9 months

Definitely to accentuate your waist and don't be shy to wear cute dresses!

insyze OP
7 months

Got a style tip to add? share yours here! 😍

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