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Belly love

I have done the journey of self love and fat acceptance but I can't seem to accept my belly. Since I have PCOS that's where the majority of my weight goes, I generally like the rest of my body but I constantly want to hide my stomach. It's made finding a personal style very difficult, I only want to wear high waist loose pants and a crop top because that's what I'm comfortable in. It's getting harder to do since I don't have many clothes to begin with and I'm wearing the same things over and over again

I love seeing women with bigger stomachs absolutely slay a tight skirt or dress, I want to be that woman but I'm unsure where to start

Created: 6 months ago
6 months

I think it's sometimes hard with self love to really love the parts of you we've been conditioned to hate for so long. I struggle to love my belly too and feel self conscious in it! I actually find I can wear more form fitting clothing and feel comfortable if it's a ribbed or ruched fabric. Anything silky just clings to my stomach and I'm not ready for that yet!

Are you wanting to wear a certain kind of dress or skirt? Or just thinking for every day looks?

6 months

@beyourjoy is really inspiring to me and I love her posts on here. definitely check her out!

6 months

As an apple shape, I’ve learned that boot cut jeans and loose fitting tops work best for me. Sometimes I wish I had a different shape so I could wear a curvy form fitting dress, but i've found what works for me which means I focus and obsess over my body a lot less.

6 months

I think a good place to start is following other women with your body type that inspire you and seeing how they style outfits. You can then try stuff out at home and see how you feel! Buy the thing you wouldn't normally and try it out. It's all about increasing your comfort in your body.

I love that you're already wearing crop tops. I think that's such a stylish and great look and more of us can go for it, but always felt like crop tops were a no-go. But they are so cute!

If i'm feeling low confidence, I wear a long jacket with my crop top.

If I want to wear a form fitting style, i wear shapewear to hold my fupa in.

melonmel OP
6 months

Thank you all so much!! This really helps, I feel like following more people with my body type will help a lot.

And once I figure out my own style I can go from there (:

6 months

totally! you should definitely follow @aspectsoftinsaye too - she has SUPER cute style!

6 months

I joined a belly dancing class and it sounds kinda funny but honestly being around so many bellys jiggling did wonders for my confidence. everyone in the class had different shapes and only one lady (not even the instructor) had a super toned stomach. Everyone else was big and loving it!

6 months

Totally relate to this @melonmel

Finding what makes you feel comfortable wearing is totally a personal style too so your already there! I agree with following others who have a similar body shape to you so you can see what'll work for you.

Outfit repeating FTW, if you like wearing certain clothes then there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing them over and over and over again (I bought a lilac sweater a few weeks ago so am currently obsessed with it) Maybe you could try styling them differently and switching up accessories.

I'm the same when it comes to for fitting clothes so love a bit of ruching. Literally, I think all the swimsuits I have ever owned have some sort of ruching to them.

Yes, I love belly dancing @stargazer44 it's so fun and seeing as I have the belly I might as well use it 😂

That sounds really fun. Sadly the class I went to wasn't like that at all and I felt really awkward the whole time so it's back to the DVD for me (retro I know right 😂)

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