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Question about the Snag Tights fit

I saw someone recommended Snag Tights on here recently and sorry if this has been covered before, but I searched and couldn't find an answer.

How do Snag Tights fit when you're tall? I'm around 5'10 and size 18, which puts me at the lower end of their E or F size so I should be fine, but since I've never ordered from them and they don't use inch/cm measurements for their size charts I want to make sure before I order anything from there.

My hips and upper thighs are pretty wide compared to the rest of my legs, so I find that a lot of times tights will fit fine everywhere else except my crotch and I end up with horrible chafing in that half-inch gap. It's so uncomfortable!

I've had enough tights that I sized up on that still didn't fit right that I don't trust easily on tights sizing. I also don't want to size up and then they fall down all the time.

Can anyone share their experience?

Created: about 1 year ago
about 1 year
@daniellehall is a big snag tights fan! Can you help?
about 1 year

Hi @plusbabe I literally feel like I could have written your question myself and have had soooo many problems with tights in the past. The crotch chafing is just the WORST!

Snag Tights are super super stretchy and what I think is really great about them is that they don't just vary in length but also width and I the only time I've had to do the 'fixing my tights' dance was when I put them on in the morning so I would definatley recommend. If you are a US 18 (the Snag Tights size guide runs in UK sizes) I'd say that you would probably be an F but because of your height they recommend sizing up to a G. But like I said Snags are super duper stretchy so shouldn't fall down.

I wear a size E and I'm a UK 18 (US 14) but I'm only like 5,6. Hope this helps a bit and we would love to see which ones you get - I've got the tights in black, navy and purple, leggings in black and their chub rub shorts in builders tea and reaspberry pie so yes definitely a bit of a fan. 😂😂😂

about 1 year
Snag tights are wonderful. They are so comfy, I have a ton of them.
about 1 year
Hey, I've been a Snag Tights fan for a few years now and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I literally won't buy any other brand. The great thing about Snag (besides the amazing sizing and quality), is their customer service. If you reach out to them on IG, they'd be more than happy to help with your sizing. They recommended Short F for me, and they fit perfectly. I'm 5'2" and a UK Size 18-22 (brand dependant obviously). I could size down to an E but I'm happy with the size and fit of Short F after my weight gain over the last year and a half. Oh and their faux garter style tights, don't size up or down, stick to your true size.
about 1 year

Definatley neead to start a Snag Tights fan club you just can't beat them 😀

about 1 year

This might have been fully answered, but I wanted to throw in my 2c! I'm 6'3", which puts me firmly in their biggest size, G. I adore their tights! They're the only brand I own so far and probably will stay that way for a long time lol. I'm a big gal and there's plenty of material to stretch and put in the right places, if that makes sense?? And if you're quick, they just dropped some super cute Halloween ones 👀 i picked up a couple yesterday.

plusbabe OP
about 1 year

thank you for sharing @melraiser and @daniellehall! I have bought some Snags in builders tea and they are a great fit! I am impressed. Thanks so much everyone 🤗

about 1 year

I am late to the party but I HAD to comment that I LOVE my snag tights and have since I discovered the brand. They stay up, are comfortable - don't itch or cause static like so many tights do. Also their chub rub shorts are amazing.

I wear the size E shorts and they fit perfectly. I'm a size 20 in clothing. Their sizing goes across like 3 dress sizes so you should be fine in a size E.

about 1 year

Yes @rosalin_loves

The chub rub shorts are amazing!

I've got them in Builders Tea and Raspberry Pie. 😀

12 months

I bought snag tights and never looked back! the quality is amazing and they are so comfy. they fit so well. The size chart takes some figuring out but they are true to size.

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