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Bath tub too small

I love my bath-times and my old apartment had a really big bathtub that suits me perfectly but this new apartment doesnt have one as big as the old one :(

Do you girls have any tips & suggestions on how to make bathing in a small bathtub a more relaxing and comfortable experience? thanks alot!

Created: about 1 year ago
about 1 year

I also reaaallllyyy love bathtubs! I know your situation right now really sucks cause I'm experiencing the same, hoping someone in this chat could solve our situation🙏

about 1 year

get a hot tub 🤗

about 1 year

Overflow covers could give you some extra inches of water, i tried it and it made a huge difference in my bathing experience, you should try one

about 1 year

Apartment tubs really do suck, I've also experienced this not too long ago. I also used overflow covers to fill my tub to the brim. I recommend you buy one too

prettyfly OP
about 1 year

Thanks for all your responses 😊 I haven't tried overflow covers. My problem is I don't really feel comfortable sat in the bath anymore. Maybe I need to get a jacuzzi installed haha. I liked the hot tub suggestion.

about 1 year

I don't think I know anybody over the age of 10 who can fully submerge themselves, so don't beat yourself up OP.

There is always something sticking out whether it is your knees or your shoulders... or in my case, my belly haha.

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