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Can I wear open toe shoes in winter?

Or is this a big style mistake? I have a family event and really want to wear some gold sandals but my partner said they're too summery and I should wear covered shoes. It got me thinking.. are open toe shoes or sandals a big no in the winter?

Created: 10 months ago
10 months
I wear open toe all year long, but I live in the south where we don't get much cold.
10 months
depends where you live! there's no way i'd wear open toe if I lived in Michigan. i'm in the south too so I do.
10 months
not a big style no, but totally depends on the weather of the day and what you'll be doing! if you're inside for the most part, it's not an issue
10 months

I definitely wouldn't!

10 months

I live where there's snow and below freezing temps in the winter, so I don't do it here, but where it's warmer I do ;-)

10 months

Go for it @miriam98 😍 I'd say if you want to wear open-toed sandals in winter then that's totally up to you. I'd check on the weather before heading out though because I've definitely been caught out with soggy feet before

miriam98 OP
10 months

thanks everyone! I have decided to wear them as we will mostly be inside. Thanks for all your messages 😍

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