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Plus size maternity clothes?

I recently discovered that I'm pregnant (14 weeks +4) and my husband and I are so excited because we thought we'd struggle to have kids.

I'm a size 24 and want to find recommendations for some affordable plus size maternity clothing and plus size nursing dresses or tops and also good quality nursing bras. I'm a 52D bra size.

Can anyone recommend some good plus size maternity clothes?


Created: about 1 year ago
about 1 year

Congratulations! I have lots of recommendations for plus size maternity clothes!

I was super pregnant during the summer which meant I wore lots of floaty dresses to keep cool.

Button front tops and dresses are perfect for breastfeeding. You can just pop open a couple buttons and you are good to go! I also would get some wrap dresses because they can easily be adjusted or generally have a low enough neckline that popping out a boob is no big deal.

Stretchy necklines or straps, like smocked fabric, make nursing super easy. I didn't wear any particular maternity clothing brands that were different to my usual favorites.

Your baby is gonna spit up a LOT so get some good stain remover and carry a little towel round with you.

Girlfriend Collective has a crossover styl e nursing bra that is super breathable and moisture-wicking, which will be great when the postpartum night sweats hit.

about 1 year

There is definitely a shortage of plus size maternity clothing that's also cute. I shopped some leggings from Motherhood but they only stock up to a 3X and stuff is always sold out.

I would wear dresses and get some good stretchy leggings and jeans. I recommend high rise so you don't have them cutting into your belly.

Yours Clothing is an amazing UK-based plus-size brand and they have a great maternity collection up to a size 28. They are very affordable too but the only downside is the shipping is around $10 to ship to the US.

about 1 year

Universal Standard were my absolutely favorite for maternity clothing because their clothing is soooooo soft and quality. It's also not just maternity, so you can invest in pieces to wear for years after too.

My favorite is the geneva dress but like one of the other comments, wrap dresses are also amazing because you can wear them for nursing

samlamlam OP
about 1 year

thank you so much for all your comments! I am so excited to be on this new journey and finally becoming a mom. None of my close friends are my size so I didn't know who to ask!

Checking out all your recommendations now. Thanks!

about 1 year

I loved dresses like this during my pregnancy and then also for nursing because the neckline meant you can easily breastfeed. Smock tops are nice too, but don't be afraid to wear more fitted styles too.

Congratulations, btw!😍

about 1 year

Congratulations on your pregnancy! 🎉

samlamlam OP
about 1 year

thank you 😍

about 1 year has some good maternity options, I personally love their bras and live in their fleece lined leggings recently. has a very limited plus size collection, but styles do change fairly often, so there a little variety. will sometimes have maternity wear in plus size, though they sell out fast. I just ordered my first 2 shirts from there, hopefully they fit ok. I just ordered 2 shirts from amazon too, so we’ll see, those at least have an easy return policy. early on i found some really nice belly bands for when my jeans got too tight. The brand is Expecting comfort. I think I found them on amazon?

Hopefully this list gives you some good options! Torrid can be expensive but they also have frequent sales. A lot of their shirts are long enough that I’ve been wearing them as maternity tops too, until just recently!

samlamlam OP
about 1 year

Wow, thank you for the recommendations! I'm excited 😍

11 months

Universal Standard hands down, and you may be able to use them afterward. So excited to know you will have a baby and lots of fun new experiences being a Mom. Nail down your look over these next months, less stress when baby comes home.

samlamlam OP
11 months

thank you @lassstylist I'm getting excited now!

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