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Plus Size In Shows and Films

I love to see all bodies represented in shows especially plus-size and I don't mean just typecast as the 'fat friend.' What shows do you love to watch where the plus-size character actually has character development and is not just defined as being fat?

My top 3 are Annie in Shrill, Rae in My Mad Fat Diary and Queen Latifah in Last Holiday.

Created: almost 3 years ago
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almost 3 years

Yes I love Fran in Shrill so gutted when it ended 😫

Another character I have really liked is Suki in Gilmore Girls, she got the relationship, the family and the career. So happy for her ( and now Melissa MCarthy is super famous so there's that too

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almost 3 years

I loved the movie Dumplin' that came out a few years back. it was great to feature not only a plus size lead but also question standards of beauty. I thought it was a really inspiring movie

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almost 3 years

I need to watch these movies!

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