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Tips for going to the gym as a fat person

I've been wanting to start a big lifestyle change and make time to exercise. It's not just to lose some weight but also for mental health. There's a gym close by that I have tried out and I'm thinking of getting a personal trainer. The thing is, when I went to try out, I noticed that I'm the biggest one there.

A few years ago, I had a bad experience where someone called me a whale while I was working out.. It completely put me off going to the gym and I'm scared it will happen again.

But I really want to get back into it.

How do you cope with working out while fat in front of people? Are you self conscious? Do people say stuff? How do you ignore it?

Created: over 2 years ago
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over 2 years

It sucks that you had a bad experience. It's the thing we're all most afraid of and it happened. But you have nothing to feel ashamed of. You're working on yourself and doing something good for your mental and physical health, so fuck what people may or may not say.

I recently switched gyms and had some really unexpected feelings of inadequacy due to being larger too. My old gym was smaller and not as busy. And this new one has so many people who seem much more fit than me (even though I've been going to the gym consistently for about a year and a half).

I just plug my headphones in and keep focused on me. In the beginning of my fitness journey, I also avoided areas with mirrors so I couldn't catch anyone looking at me. Now I work out wherever.

No one has made comments, but I totally feel you. It's so hard to do something that makes you feel good when you also feel uncomfortable.. Best luck to you and keep up the good work however you choose to do it.

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over 2 years

I used to feel like that. The ‘oh god, I’m the fat girl in a gym’. Then I realized EVERYONE in the gym is working on themselves and I have as much right to be there as the guy with the cheese grater abs.

A personal trainer is a great idea, as it makes you accountable to show up. You also then have someone to be in the gym with who can show you proper form and how every machine works. It's also confidence boosting having someone to meet.

Then be easy on yourself, remember no one truly cares except you for how you look.

Good on you for doing this for your body and mind! Don't let your fear stop you.

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over 2 years
I do not have the confidence so good for you. I hate gyms for this exact reason! What about home workouts?
harriet45 OP
over 2 years

i did it! today I went to the gym. It wasn't too busy (I went around 8pm) and I did around an hour of light weights and some walking. I didn't catch anyone looking at me and I kept telling myself to just keep focused. I'm going back at the weekend, so hopefully it's another good experience then...

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