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Jeans help! What kind of jeans are these?

You ladies were all so helpful last time I was looking for an interview outfit, so I would love to hear your advice again.

I've seen lots of inspiratino on here where plus ladies are wearing mom jeans and bootcut jeans, so I thought hey I'll try that myself as I wanted to try some different styles of jeans for once since I only have and wear skinny jeans.

Well I have now tried mom jeans and come to the conclusion that they are not for me. I tried wide leg jeans and again.. not for me.

So now.. first of all, I don't even know if what I'm looking for is "flared jeans", "bootcut jeans" or "bell bottom jeans", I feel like all of those are quite similar but do you guys have any idea if one of those would be most accurate for what I'm looking for?

So I'm looking for high waisted jeans that fit like skinny jeans all the way from the waist down until the knee area, where they would flare out more and more until they end (but also the flare doesn't have to be dramatic, just substantial enough to not just look like straight legs).

Also I would like to know your experiences on different jean fits as plus size people! Because I personally just don't find any other style of jeans flattering on me other than skinny jeans, and now maybe flared/bootcut/bellbottom jeans. Mom jeans and wide leg jeans just don't look flattering on my thighs at all, in my opinion.

Does anyone else feel this way?

Created: over 2 years ago
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over 2 years

I think flared and bell bottom are kinda the same. Having a flare is great as it balances out your shape, without being too boxy like rigid style jeans aka Mom and Boyfriend jeans can be.

Torrid has a fit called Bombshell jeans and while they mostly do skinny, they occasionally put out a bombshell flare jean.

I have a pair of these and they are cute on my body - I have big thighs.

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over 2 years

It's not just you. I prefer my skinny jeans too!

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over 2 years
Agreed about the torrid bombshell flare
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over 2 years

Girl if you love your skinny jeans then keep wearing them. Don't worry about trends, they change all the time anyway.

I LOVE the Rockstar jeans from Old Navy - they go up to a size 30 btw and they're the best skinny jeans I have ever had.

They are affordable, come in three inseam lengths, including short and have amazing stretch but don’t lose their structure.

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over 2 years

I think you're looking for flares - but like bell bottom style that aren't too extreme. Tell us when you find a good pair, I'm also looking for some!

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over 2 years

I have a very mixed relationship with jeans, I've tended to go for skinny fits for years but am looking into trying different styles too. 😀

I made a collection of flared and bootcut jeans for you @sherylstyle :

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over 2 years

Find the jean shop that is in your community and go get a fitting. I just took a client to such a shop and I learned so much from the store owner about jeans, how they should fit and what leg options are trending.

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