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What's the truth about Shein?

I’ve seen a lot of shein try-on hauls on Youtube and TIktok recently and how their clothes are affordable and super trendy, but they seem too good to be true. Shein has a huge plus size section and so much variety which i'm really impressed with. the pictures of the styles look great.

But I have seen some pretty bad reviews on both Shein's website and also on other review sites. So what's the truth?

Are Youtubers just being paid to promote Shein when they're actually a shady shitty company?

I understand that fast fashion is not good and Shein is fast fashion But so is H&M, target, TJ Maxx, Forever21 and everyone still shops there.

Is Shein worse than any of these stores?

I am so broke and I need affordable plus size clothing, but tbh I’ve heard shein is not great quality and made out of cheap material - which I hate. However, I’ve also seen all these people doing hauls, looking super satisfied with their orders and having no complaints. What’s the truth tho? Help!!

Created: 12 months ago
12 months

With any fast fashion where it's cheap in price, you get what you pay for. Many if not most of the items will be cheap quality and are not made to last. I'm talking 1-2 wears max.

But the quality of Shein is so bad that I actually like it's expensive for the quality you get compared to other brands like Target. For example, I bought a dress over the summer for something like 22$ and the zipper is sooo cheap. The dress was kinda cute but the fabric was very thin and actually ripped the first time I wore it. Then tried a similar dress from Target for 15$ and LOVED it!

Other than that I often buy clothes secondhand from places like Depop and eBay. I can usually find just what I'm looking for at a cheaper price than retail and it's helping to recycle items.

It's possible to find cheap plus size clothing that isn't fast fashion.

12 months

Shein quality is absolute garbage. You'd be better off buying fewer quality pieces from City Chic or even ASOS than a bunch of stuff from Shein.

Their sizing is all over the shop too. Very inconsistent.

12 months

Shein sucks for many reasons.

When you can get a dress sent to you for $8 it has to be too good to be true.

12 months

I haven't bought from SheIn myself so can't speak from experience but as @samlamlam has said they are a fast fashion brand and have a reputation of exploiting their workers. From hauls that I've seen their sizing is very hit and miss.

12 months

I really dislike Shein. I think the quality really sucks, the fit isn’t great even when I measure my body for the size, and there’s this. It’s a company that sells clothes out of China. I bought a couple things and I’ll never buy from there again.

I don’t get the love for Shein. I really like Eloquii, Fashion To Figure and Torrid.

12 months

Sheins sizes run smaller than what they say and I wish more people would mention this when recommending Shein.

I'm a 3x and have to order the 5x for it to fit.

It's always best to look at the measurements on each item. Because each item, even in the same size can be different. If you click on the size it will give you the measurements.

That being said I wish they would give a better idea on the type of fabric, like is it stretchy or not? Because stretch can really help with fit when it comes to plus size. Especially if you are like me and have big boobs or a booty..

I personally rely heavily on the reviews, especially photos that other customers post. I think that is an amazing feature and I wish more stores would use this approach.

12 months
Shein is really a hit or miss for me. I order from them a lot and actually like a lot of their stuff. I do have to size up on almost everything but that doesn’t really bother me. I’m a size 3x and have to order 4x. I have ordered some jean shorts that fit amazing and are actually good quality but also got some pants that fit really weird and the quality wasn’t that great. Before I buy I buy anything I actually go through most of the reviews. Most people will say if you need to size up, if it’s baggy, to short, etc. A majority of the things I ordered I love and wear with no problems. 🤷🏽‍♀️
12 months
yeah it's totally hit and miss. You need to read the reviews for each item to get a idea of what the quality will be!
11 months
It’s not my favorite brand. They have bad business practices and are unreliable for sizes.
cherry7543 OP
11 months

Y'all confirmed it for me. thanks for sharing your advice here.

11 months
I’ve ordered from shein a few times and I agree hit or miss. Everything is pretty thin as well. You definitely get what you paid for
11 months

so hit or miss! it's a shaady brand.

11 months

Shein release over 500 new items a DAY on their website. That is an insane amount of new stock every day.

They are the definition fo Fast Fashion.

Yes their clothes are very budget friendly but they also use Child Labor. They have to because they need to keep their costs so low and need low-skilled labor to make all those clothes. They use kids for cotton picking because they have small fingers, so don't damage the crop.

It's exploitative and I would avoid them as much as possible.

11 months

for affordable clothing, you can't go wrong with finding trendy styles on Shein. I know it's not the most ethical place to shop, but I've had some great outfits from there. It can be hit or miss, like everyone's mentioned. But I... like Shein?

11 months
Sadly this is a dilemma for all of us. Finding affordable fashion in plus size that is not fast fashion. I am always in this spot. When I shop at Target for instance I look for the 100% cotton items. Hoping that the fabric might last longer or at least have some resale value if I go the Poshmark route or consignment after I have used it. Finding second hand plus size items is very hard. That would also be a sustainable way to build your wardrobe on a budget. If the price is cheap then most often the quality is poor and so how do you end up being able to wash and wear the items so you are not in a cycle of buy and purge. I am interested in how people are dealing with this ???
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