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I've been struggling this past year to love my body I was always a size 16 but I had a flat tummy since I've become a mum and had to have a c section I have a over hang where my skin stretched and the scar is I often try wearing jeans and then cry because I feel like people will look at me, I want to learn to love my new body and any tips on how to style it now would be greatly appreciated because I usually stay in baggy leggings and jumpers through embarrassment

Created: 8 months ago
8 months

Hey hunny, I'm sorry you have been struggling. being a mom is hard enough without feeling shitty about your body too. So many of us go through this. I gained a lot of weight with my first pregnancy and have never been able to lose it. Honestly, I swear by shapewear. it really helps to feel smoothed in and makes my clothes look better. I also stick to high waisted styles because they hold in my belly and feel supportive.

remember, no one is looking at you and you have nothing to be embarrassed about. you were beautiful before and you're beautiful now.

8 months

shapewear shapewear shapewear!! it's your new BESTIE! I have been wearing these ones recently and they are so good at holding me together (haha) and they go up to a 3X. I think you would be a 1X if you're a size 16 😍

8 months
You are absolutely amazing 🤩 and so is your body for being able to nurture and carry your child! High waisted jeans are an absolute must if you’ve feeling a bit subconscious about your mid section and I’d wear that with a longline knit like a waterfall cardigan.
karamarice OP
8 months
Thank you ladies ill definitely try some shape wear I think it is just a shock as I just used to always be confident and feel sexy in any outfit I wore and just don't see that anymore but I know learning to love my body is something I need to do
8 months
@karamarice you can feel confident again I promise! Be kind to yourself and remember how much your body has done for you. Being a mum is sexy and powerful! You are incredible! Take it slowly and find items that work for you and your comfort levels in wearing them. Maybe start with some off the shoulder tops for a bit of skin and draw attention to your favorite parts. Make sure you do your makeup and hair, practice some self care and do some weekly pampering rituals! I also love the feel of my skin after moisturising and exfoliating - so even if I’m not feeling 100% in my body, I know I can feel soo much sexier after a nice bath and moisturiser 😊
8 months
Sending lots of hugs! 🤗 Some cute wrap dresses are very forgiving and can also be super sexy! You could also try accentuate your neckline with beautiful v neck tops and dresses. What kind of jeans have you been wearing? Don’t be afraid to size up for a looser fit too - size is just a number! The fit is what matters the most 😘😘😘
8 months
One thing that really helps me feel sexy is to elevate my outfits by accessorizing and how I style the clothes. For example: -Rolling sleeves up to elbows (I am short and wide, most long sleeves look frumpy on me if I don’t roll them up). Rolling up my pants (or getting them tailored) makes me look more put together as well. - Wearing shape wear in more form fitting styles is a must! It really makes you feel so much better! -I love the oversize look, but I have decided that I don’t like the way it looks on me, so I have given up on that. Wear what you love, doesn’t need to be the most trendy look right now. • ⁠Adding accessories: belts, bags, earrings, necklace, bracelets… they all help in looking more put together and can elevate your style. The accessories I wear are all quite simple and minimalistic. -Changing up my hairstyle and doing my makeup (simple, natural) works wonders as well. You got this mama! ❤️
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