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Does anyone know where I can get a plus size teddy coat?

I'm moving to the Chicago area in late January and I’m hoping to find a teddy coat.

We might get 6-8 days each year here of weather below 40 degrees where I live in Florida, so it’s safe to say that idk what I’m doing in terms of shopping for various types of coats/jackets, sweaters, layers, etc. I’ve experienced this kind of climate but never for more than a few days and always felt frumpy.

I like the teddy coat look but can't find any ones I like in plus sizes.

Any Chicago tips also welcome!

Created: over 2 years ago
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over 2 years

The coldest time of the year is typically mid/ late January to Mid march. So long underwear, microfiber fleece leggings and wool tights are a good investment.

It's not just the cold you need to worry about, the wind chill is real. Layering is your best bet. If I had to be outside for a longer time on a very cold day, I'd probably wear something like the following - Bralette. T-shirt. Sweatshirt, sweater, or fleece. Leggings. Puffy coat. Socks. Boots. Gloves. Hat.... and i'd probably still be cold!

The Fleece neck warmers and ear warmers skiers use are great. Fleece or wool scarves too.

Get yourself a good waterproof insulated winter jacket and a pair of real winter boots. Not "fashionable winter boots" but the real kind that are waterproof. Also wool or thermal socks.

You might be able to wear a teddy bear coat in the Fall and Spring time, but in winter you will need thermals.

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over 2 years

I live somewhere a bit colder than Chicago and my biggest winter advice is spend on protecting your extremities.

You are going to be wearing socks for months out of the year. If you are used to living in sandals or at most sockets, one piece of advice is if you have thicker calves to consider getting your socks from a plus-sizes store (Lane Bryant or Torrid) as their socks will be bigger in the leg and won't cut into your calves as much.

Consider mitts for cold days rather than gloves, have a good warm hat (and modify your hair style in the winter to allow you to wear a hat). Have boots that will keep cold and slush away from your feet (the slush part is really important), this can mean leather as long as you make sure to treat it regularly. Scarves make a huge difference, so have a selection running from colorful and fun to dressy and elegant. And the other piece of advice is that no amount of fluffiness keeps you warm on a windy day if you don't have a wind blocking layer, or if you get wet.

As for a teddy coat, I own this one from ASOS plus size which is supe r warm and cozy. But in the winter you will need to layer a lot!

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over 2 years

Congratulations on the move, and good luck! If you're looking to invest in a beautiful teddy coat plus size then this one from 11 Honore is as chic as it is warm and cozy. The knee leng th cut has a beautiful silhouette for late fall and into winter.

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over 2 years

Congrats on the move @ellejaco 😀

I totally agree about the advice on layering and I've put together a collection of some teddy coats that I hope you might like:

over 2 years

I saw that @aprilofautumn had a cute teddy coat in one of her posts recently. Where was that from?

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over 2 years
Simply Be usually have awesome ones and I have a lush Levis Teddy sheep lined denim jacket!
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