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Looking for a trendy plus size shirt dress

We're heading back to the office for at least two days a week and I want a comfortable but smart looking shirt dress that's made for plus size bodies.

I've struggled to find a well fitting shirt dress that doesn't add loads of bulk to my frame that's also trendy looking.

I don't suit styles that are basically an extra long shirt as they make me look boxy. But I love the belted look - maybe a midi style?

Any suggestions for styles or fabrics I should go for?

Please drop any links to nice shirt dresses!

Created: about 1 year ago
about 1 year
What is your budget? I’ve spotted some really elegant shirt dresses on eloquii - which stock up to size 28.
about 1 year

this shirt dress from Torrid is cute. It has a belt too so good for creating a waist and is more of a dress style with a blouse/shirt top - rather than a long shirt like you mentioned.

It's also rayon and spandex, so a soft fabric that has some stretch to it - that's a good combo for a more feminine look for a shirt dress.

about 1 year

Yes Torrid have some beautiful plus size shirt dresses! I also prefer brands that design specifically for plus size as they just get the fit right so much more.

I hate my arms so I prefer to cover up with long sleeve styles. I recently bought this dress from ASOS - it's a shirt dress with a belt and fit true to size!

about 1 year

If you have the budget then I highly recommend Universal Standard for good basics! I swear by their clothing. They stock up to a size 40 in all styles as well, so totally size inclusive and good on plus size bodies.

The fabric is such high quality and soft, I have been obsessed with them since I discovered them.

Here's some cute shirt dress options and also this tshirt style is nice with a wrap waist - very flattering.

If you can stretch to it, then this wrap dress is beauti ful on. It's not totally a shirt dress but very elegant and perfect for work. Also great for dinners and date nights.

about 1 year

Good luck with returning to the office. I've put together this collection for you with some cute shirt dresses that I thought you might like 😀

about 1 year
I wish I could wear shirt dresses. I feel so boxy in them too so I have never kept one I’ve bought. I did see some cute ones on Torrid but I haven’t bought one recently to say if it’s quality or not.
seannak OP
about 1 year

Love that Torrid dress @andreathediva! 😍

Torrid have really stepped up lately.

about 1 year

My advice is to find a long plus-size shirtdress with a flattering knee-length hemline and A-line cut. This is how you'll avoid the boxy look. Another good option for you is to find a button front dress with a classic, curved hemline!

Finding the right cut for a dress is a game changer!

about 1 year

this is cute polka dot style shirt dress... perfect for a 9-5. I also love FTF's quality recently. My favorite brand right now. 😍

about 1 year

this may not be it for work... but the new patrick starr x FTF collection is FIRE. This maxi shirt dress..... 🔥

This shirt dress from 11 Honore is so classy, but it's on ly available in size 26 in white. Really cute for office wear and also a fancy dinner. It's on the pricey side but their stuff is high quality.

about 1 year

Torrid have some good ones.
about 1 year
My favourite shirt dresses are from Ulla Popken, Curvissa and Jean Marc Philippe!!
about 1 year
Also, I would highly advise thinking about how you style your shirt dress. You can add your own leather belt to add an edgy vibe. Or perhaps layer a sweater over the top for a cosy vibe. Plus think about footwear, smart fashion sneakers or knee high boots or plain court heels...all will give a look a different feel ❤️
about 1 year

SeeRoseGo has a fantastic one in a heat control cool feeling cotton. That is by far my favorite and it comes in different colors. It's long enough to cover my bootie and also doesn't stretch across my chest. Eloquii also has a decent one but the SeeRoseGo one is superior quality and an absolute staple in my wardrobe.

about 1 year

Torrid shirt dress is my fav!

about 1 year

I'm going to suggest Poshmark. I've sold quite a few things off of there. They do carry plus sizes as well. Check it out.

about 1 year

I second Poshmark!

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