New here! looking for plus size lingerie?

Any advise on where to find sexy🔥 plus size lingerie?

I’ve tried looking on Etsy and google but only finding most things go up to US 16.

thanks for your help!

Created: 10 months ago
10 months

you're in the right place OP! Have you had a look on Insyze?

There's lots of options from many different brands and sizes there. Are you looking for something in particular?

justkeepswimming OP
10 months

oh thank you I will check it out

10 months

Torrid or Savage Fenty both have extened sizes. A bit pricey but nice stuff.

10 months

torrid has some nice options

10 months

Savage Fenty go up to a 3X in most styles. They show images of items on models in different sizes too

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