Prize Thread: What are the best jeans you ever bought?

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Created: 9 months ago
9 months

Old Navy high rise jeans fit me so well and are the best I've bought that I can think of. Excited to see they're now extending sizes in stores too so we'll be able to try them on first!

9 months
1822 denim have an amazing pair of butter jeans - they are soft and easy to wear! I bought a pair of mom jeans from river island that lasted me 3 years.. they recently ripped as I bent over though 🤣 so I’m in the market for some new mom jeans
9 months

Torrid's sky high skinny jeans are my ride or die. They are such a good fit and sculpt and smooth your belly because of their high waisted fit. I always feel good wearing them and they last a long time.

It's true that torrid can be pricey but there's usually always coupons to be found! their denim is definitely worth the money. fits amazing and should last you a long time.
9 months
Oddly enough, Primark cropped black skinny jeans. They are super stretchy, the perfect length for my short legs, and really high waisted.
9 months
Also Torrid! I love all my jeans I’ve bought from there
9 months

My favorites are the Lane Bryant signature fit jeans. They have them in a number of cuts and washes, so I have a number of pairs and they are very comfy

9 months

My favorite jeans are jeggings

I bought 2 pair of jeggings from Fashion to Figure last year and they've been my go-tos for months. the acid wash pair work with EVERYTHING. Unfortunately they're no longer available but I have my account on alert if they restock 😉

9 months
I have nothing but torrid/ lane Bryant jeans in my closet right now . There stylish and definitely fits to all women’s curves and styles. Old navy is really leveling up with jeans. Can’t wait to see what they have in store .
9 months
Madewell jeans have been some of my favorites! I like to wait until they go on sale or find them on resale sites to get them a little cheaper 🥳
9 months
I'm still searching for a great pair of jeans.
9 months

Actually a brand called ARULA formerly A Beautiful Soul...every time I wear I get compliments and I love the way they fit!

9 months

I love Madewell jeans and their sustainable ethos too. these are my favorites.

What I love about Madewell is their shopping guide for how stretchy the jeans are! I like mine super stretchy. 😍

9 months
Right now my faves are the AE stretch ripped curvy mom jeans!
9 months

If you haven't tried Torrid jeans, you have to! they don't stock my all time favorites anymore but these are pretty close:

9 months

I love my curvy fitted jeans from Lane Bryant! They are a nice material and stylish with any too! I can dress up or down.. and I love it 😍

9 months
Torrid jeans are my go to! they’re long lasting and fit well
9 months

I'm obsessed with the City Chic harley jeans! they're so comfortable and true to size - although they do run with quite a long leg, so good for all you tall ladies!

9 months
Ashley Stewart jeggings are the best for me. They are comfortable, you can dress them up or down and they cling very nicely.
9 months

I've not found a pair that I really like yet so I'm living for your suggestions. 😃

9 months

I've had really good luck with Universal Standard jeans! As a plus size woman who falls into the extended size range it gives me comfort knowing that I can size up if need be since they carry up to a size 40!

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