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What's a normal beauty routine?

Wondering what is considered a "NORMAL" beauty routine as I feel like social media shows girls going the full 9yards on beauty routines, but what do you honestly do on a regular basis?

Created: about 1 year ago
about 1 year

My beauty routine is so sporadic you probably couldn't call it a routine haha! I do love cleansing, toning and moisturising at night when I can remember. I also use rosehip oil when my skin is dry.

A lot of the time I don't do too much, as my skin is luckily quite clear - except for dry patches. I don't wear make-up unless I'm going to a formal event.

I guess i'm on low end side of a normal routine! How about you?

about 1 year

My routine looks like this:

Daily: Cleanse, Moisturizer with SPF (morning) and Retinol (at night only)

Weekly: Nails at home, exfoliate body.

Every 3 months: Haircut, Laser Hair Removal, at home eyebrow maintenance

Once a year: Fillers, Botox, Chemical Peels, Teeth Whitening, Microblading.

about 1 year

Whatever is best for your skin, your time and your budget! šŸ˜

about 1 year

I'd say my beauty routine is medium-maintenance, Iā€™m 25.

I get mani pedis once a month, laser hair removal every three months and a hair cut every 6 months.

My daily skin routine has 3 steps in the morning, 6 steps at night, and I try to do a mask for my skin and my hair once a week. I also exfoliate my body once a month at home.

about 1 year

I don't think there is a 'normal'. You do you and just do what feels right.

I don't like to spend a longtime on these things everyday.

I use SPF anti acne moisturizer before I go outside (under 20 range)

I clean my face with miscellar water every day (Garnier for oliy/combination skin)

I groom my eyebrows and shave upperlip hair with a oneblade.

Every week I remove blackheads

I don't wear makeup everyday but if I do it's usually just some light colored shimmery eyeshadow and maybe a chapstick and a bit of bronzer and blush.

I use a Gillette fusion razor to shave my legs and armpits

I pluck the hair on my chin with tweezers

about 1 year

I basically just moisturize when I remember to! Been thinking about getting botox recently, but scared of getting addicted to it.

about 1 year

I wash my face morning and night and use toner and vitamin C serum. I always wear SPF during the day, especially in summer.

I use a face mask once a week.

I pluck my own brows.

I've been using The Ordinary products for a while now, but would love to know any recommendations for good serums and moisturers!

alisastylediary OP
about 1 year

thank you everyone! i didn't expect to receive so many responses and I appreciate you all.

What are some affordable skin care products you use?

about 1 year

Love this thread and reading about all your routines! I think my beauty regime starts with good intentions but doesn't really go to plan. šŸ˜‚ I cleanse, tone and moisturise daily or at least when I remember and use a face mask once a week. I try to use products that are cruelty free and natural products lie the Origins range, It Works, UpCircle and Body Shop

about 1 year

Love Estee Lauder products but they are kinda pricey! I have a 6 step skincare routine that I try to stick to as I want to preserve my face for as long as possible šŸ˜‚

It's one thing I do splurge on and I also enjoy the self care aspect of having a morning and night routine.

alisastylediary OP
about 1 year

thanks everyone for your replies!

@Mommyandhousewife I have been using the Garnier miscellar water for a week now and I love it. It makes my skin feel so fresh!

@Winter.into.spring is this the cleanser you mentioned?

@Plusbabe yeah I think estee lauder is out of my price range but I always like trying the samples.

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