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What's your experience with Fashion To Figure?

I noticed Fashion To Figure have some really cute styles and I love the collections they're doing with plus size influencers. I have seen a cute dress from there that i'd love to wear to a birthday next weekend, but as I haven't bought from Fashion To Figure before I'm unsure about making the purchase.

Has anyone on here bought Fashion to figure? What was your experience like when you bought from them?

Is the quality good? How long did their shipping process take.

I have had so many bad experiences with online orders so thanks for your help!

Created: almost 3 years ago
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almost 3 years

I bought some jeans from Fashion To Figure last year and they were a win, so I have bought a couple more pieces from them since.

Honestly Fashion to figure have some classy styles and still keep an affordable price point. I hear you! Purchasing anything exclusively online makes me anxious too because fit is so important - especially with jeans which was my first purchase. When sizing is off it's the worst thing.

I normally select a 18/20 jeans for a comfortable fit as I have smaller legs but a bigger belly and broad shoulders. So I went for a size 20 - or a size 2 in FTF sizing.

The fit was very good around my stomach and didn’t make me feel as if I was being stuffed in them.

But I can honestly say the only thing that was off for me was the length because i'm petite. So if you're also petite then that's a warning for pants as they are long on me.

For a dress though, you should be ok?

I really love this brand so I'm very happy and excited to recommend them!

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almost 3 years

I recently placed my order with Fashion To Figure and received my items very quickly. I was skeptical about purchasing because it was my first time ordering and I have seen some negative reviews around their customer service and returns, but that has never been my experience.. I did not know if the clothes would fit....

But baby let me tell you they both fit perfectly and brought the biggest smile to my face!!! I did not experience some of the issues others have had so I am thankful for that. I would definitely purchase from them again.

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almost 3 years

They took over a month to process my refund after I sent a return back and their customer service was not it. I would not purchase from them again because of this, but that's just me.

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almost 3 years
Their stuff is cute! I’ve not had a bad experience yet and the quality is good for the price tag.
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over 2 years

I think Fashion To Figure are one of the better brands out there! Really cute styles, trendy pieces that are designed for curves and amazing influencer collabs.

I've heard good things about their customer service, although i'm sure they get it wrong sometimes too.

You can shop Fashion To Figure on Insyze too 😍

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over 2 years

Every purchase experience i've had has been easy and no issues. People who leave reviews sometimes just say the bad stuff and you don't hear about all the good service and experiences.

Fashion to figure have some cute styles! I wouldn't hesitate to try them. Let us know what you think!

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