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tips for fat people into grunge and alternative fashion

does anyone have tips for looking good in grunge styles? im really into the boxy look, but it's hard to find cuts that look good on me

Created: about 1 year ago
about 1 year

have you checked out Dollskill? they have some alternative and grunge styles on there.

I think the flares look kinda cool and they can balance out your shape.

about 1 year

Trash Queen have some awesome grungy styles and they go up to a 5X.

I think grunge is all about attitude! Find a style you love and rock it 🔥 i bet your look great in the boxy look!

about 1 year

love it! Any black and white checkboard styles look super cute with a splash of neon green. EMP have some awesome leather jackets up to a 7X

josef.schwab OP
about 1 year

Thanks so much everyone! Definitely gonna check these out.

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