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What's an item of clothing you wish you could wear, but don't have the confidence to yet?

We want to help! Tell us the item or 'look' you wish you could wear, but don't know how to style - or don't have the confidence to yet.

Comment yours below!

Created: 8 months ago
8 months
Form fitting dresses
8 months
Bodycon dresses
8 months

Absolutey agree with this @annabelbrown and @allyleech! The figure hugging bodycon can be very daunting 🙈 I'd say that shape wear is key as when you do wear the dress you want to feel supported and not like all your wobbly bits are hanging out.

The clothing item that I'm scared to wear is a pair of shorts. Anti-chafing shorts are fine because I'm obviously going to wear a dress or something on top of them. But yeah , it's the shorts for me.

8 months
Crop tops and halter tops.
8 months
8 months

bikini and body con... who am i kidding.. all clothing! I have no idea what to wear for my body

8 months

Totally agree @sarahkay12 I've heard the trick with crop tops is to wer wear them with highwaisted jeans or pants if you don't want to show too much skin but I'm the same.

@heiress82 Have you tried a swimsuit with ruching around the tummy? I went on a weekend away recently and despite having packed like a week before hand I'd forgotten my swimsuit ( yes I was reminded multiple times that I'd need one) so had to resort to buying one at the reception - cue the anxiety about whether or not they would even have my size. Thakfully they did but it was super high-leg and I felt very awkward wearing it.

Plus it was backless so there were all these straps. Long story short, I put my head in the arm hole and couldn't work out why I couldn't get it on.

7 months

trying to love my body more in jumpsuits. It's a look i've always wanted to wear, but never felt comfortable

7 months
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