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Athleisure question

I am looking for a plus size athleisure shirt that is open in the back to show off a strappy sports bra but gives me coverage in the front. Any ideas?
Created: about 1 year ago
about 1 year
This top from Shein is a casual tee with a cute backless feature that would show off a nice sports bra:
about 1 year

yeah Shein have some - this one is cute.

but it depends how you feel about Shein, as they are kinda unethical.

This top I found on Amazon, they have a few dif ferent colors! It's a brand called Romwe which I've not heard any bad ethical practices about when I researched them.

missmelb_plus OP
about 1 year

Thank you all so much!!! Love all of these ideas!

missmelb_plus OP
about 1 year

The ASOS ones and amazon one are both SPOT ON!!!! THANK YOU!! Ordering both!

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