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Tips on looking expensive and put together when plus size

Hey everyone,

I'm wondering if you have any tips on how to look expensive when plus size?

Like style tips or fabric types.. what are the items that really make you look put together?

Would love to hear everyone's tips!

Created: 11 months ago
11 months
Hey love ❤️ I’m always shopping at a reasonable price. I’m a huge fan of SHEIN I’ve spent $50.00 on a whole outfit from head to toe. Walmart is really stepping up as well ! Hope this helps !
11 months

Start with the basics. Well groomed hair. Classy, well done makeup. Simple gold jewelry - or simple silver/platinum jewlery - depends on your skin tone.

I also think a quality trench coat makes every outfit look more expensive!

11 months

I think they key is having a few investment pieces that elevate your look. Like I wear glasses so i invested in a good quality pair as I wear them every day. I also drop extra money on shoes and bags, because I wear them frequently and they can make a big difference to your outfit as a whole.

You can buy designer bags on consignment, just make sure they don't look too worn. You want to look put together, it's all about looking crisp, fresh and well maintained.

11 months

- Invest in quality pieces and buy less rather than lots of items that are cheap.

- ⁠A nice leather bag. It doesn't have to be designer, just good quality.

- Nice shoes. Again, doesn't have to be designer but quality.

- ⁠Pants that fit, bras that fit (everything should fit, really, but I feel like pants and bras are most important).

- If you have a nice top or dress that you like but that looks kinda cheap, nicer buttons can help.

- ⁠Invest in a good mascara that doesn't smudge or clump.

- Find a hairstyle that suits you and your lifestyle. If you barely have time to do your hair in the morning, don't get a high maintenance hair style.

- ⁠Some classic jewelry can go a long way (and doesn't have to be super expensive)

- ⁠Invest in some high quality basics and add some cheaper more "in fashion" items to round out the looks.

- Simple nail colors and manicured hands

- ⁠For men similar things are important: Clothing that fits, a good haircut, manicured hands, good shoes, invest in basics, well kept facial hair

11 months

these are great tips! I think investing in key pieces like a luxury bag. I am saving for a Chanel bag but it might be a few more years before I can get one!

11 months

Great tips. I absolutley agree with investing in key quality items and creating a (dare I say) capsule wardrobe.

When it comes to fabrices I normally try to look for clothes that don't have loads of elastane/spandex as they can be very clingy.

11 months

Invest in amazing items that can go season to season and year to year. Leather boots. Great bag, fun jewlery - make your make with very special key elements that only you wear. Invest in a capsule wardrobe. Go with a few key fabrics that will last over the years, linen, silk, cotton, wool such as cashmere. Having those fabrics that look very expensive helps create a more European feel. The women in Paris and Italy really understand this, with small collections of amazing items they change up the acessories and one beautiful sweater can be worn 2-3 times per week with different scarves or jewlery.

11 months

love those tips @lassstylist 😍

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