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Where to buy the best bra?

Where do you go to buy a new bra that offers you really good support?

Created: 9 months ago
9 months
Spanx have great bras. I also love savage x fenty - not the best for support but so beautiful
9 months
True kind
daniellehall OP
9 months

Absolutley love the cute styles from savage x fenty @annabelbrown but I've never bought from the because I wondered about the support. Thanks for the tip @shannonaloise 😁

9 months
ever since the pandemic, I stopped wearing underwire bras. my new favorite is playtex 18 hour wire free bra - its an every day bra, nothing fancy
9 months
I've found my best bras in Rodman's, Woman Within and the same brand on Amazon sometimes
8 months

AdoreMe has some great sets :)

8 months

Yes AdoreMe does have great sets! I also like Woman Within and Spanx. I am top heavy so need good support always.

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