Style tips for the O body shape

Hey Insyders!

If you have an O body shape (otherwise known as the apple shape ), what are the style tips you live by? 🙌

Share them below!

Created: 9 months ago
9 months

I'm very self conscious of my belly, so I like to wear loose fitting tops and dresses.

9 months

Can I do a tip for what not to wear?! Haha because jackets that stop at your waist are a big no for me, they cut me off at my widest part! That's like my one style rule though, I will wear anything else.

9 months

V-neck tops and dresses are my favorite styles as they're flattering for my shape. I have a big belly so I prefer to draw attention away from it with cute necklines.

9 months

Fit and flare dresses are my go-to when I'm getting dressed up! I also wear V neckline or scoop necklines and avoid high necklines like turtlenecks as they swamp me.

9 months

My NO.1 tip is don't be scared of having a VBO! Let your belly show! It's ok, you don't need to tuck it in and hide it. Love yourself and your belly.

9 months

I always feel like sweaters make me look super boxy, so I prefer wearing draping cardigans or waterfall style jackets. Wear what makes you feel comfortable.

9 months

Thanks for sharing 😍 I like to wear longline waterfall cardigans and tunics and try to avoid clothes that end at the waist.

9 months

Wear cute dresses and show off your great legs!

I personally prefer dresses to skirts as they drape nicely over my belly. I also wear cardigans with jeans and love V necklines.

insyze OP
7 months

Got a style tip to add? share yours here! 😍

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