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Today will be 101 degrees ๐Ÿ˜ฌ shorts are Old Navy I have the Torrid triangle bikini on and I am not sure where I got this kimono but it is my favorite.
#selfiesaterday my top is from Shein I have a pleather bikini under it and my shorts I got during Old Navy
I have an interview today this outfit is all Torrid except for my Clarks and my bra
#selfiesaturday doing a move out clean for my sister and realized this is what I want to do. I definitely don't like cleaning people's houses but I love cleaning empty ones and I get such a workout
Happy Sunday everyone. I was hoping to finish this kimono on Saturday but I just had some finishing touches I had to make this morning but I took 3 blouse tops I didnt like how they fit and made a kimono
Headed to the Mother's day market in the next small town over and i am not sure what I'm going for with this look but i love it #selfiesaturday
Made this cute crochet crop top, paired it with a Shein kimono and Torrid high-waisted wide leg jeans
#selfiesaturday Headed to the flea market
It took me a few months to finally finish this short kimono jacket. I used a skirt I bought from Shein as trim. Its so comfortable
I come out at 6am like this. My sister is like, "You're already dressed?" I'm like yep and of course she thinks i dress really cute
#selfiesaturday heading out for fun pumpkin patch family time
Disco golfing for #SelfieSaturday
Made this top. I wanted something that would hold my boob but not make a uniboob
Bought this for a Valentines date