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Plus Size High Waisted Shorts For Women

We love everything high-waisted and that does not stop when it comes to shorts.

The extra coverage on top makes these plus size shorts flattering and fashionable. We'd like ten pairs please!

There are a lot of options when it comes to plus size high-waisted shorts. From booty to bermuda, we've got you covered.

Pair your high-waisted booty shirts with a cropped sweater or cardigan and style it with trendy leather booties to create an on-trend, sexy plus size outfit. Or, for your bermuda high-waisted plus size shorts, you can pair that with a t-shirt to keep it casual and flattering.

One of our favorite styles are printed high-waisted shorts because you can wear a number of different tops to create multiple outfits; you can pair them with loose tank tops, or cute crop tops.

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