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Sustainable Plus Size Clothing

Shop consciously and find a large selection of sustainable plus size brands and items here. 

We're passionate about helping to reduce the environmental impact of fashion and support sustainable brands that have size inclusive and plus size ranges. 

It can be hard to shop sustainably for plus size clothing. Most items are made with polyester and synthetic fabrics, or just not available to us plus size customers. Which is why at Insyze, we're on a mission to find amazing sustainable plus size brands in a large range of sizes. Sustainability can mean a lot of things. For us, sustainable fashion companies prioritise ethical manufacturing, reducing their environmental impact, and single use plastics.

We are always working to find more brands and will add them here!

The Benefits of Eco-Conscious Fashion

Clothes, accessories, cute shoes, and a rocking hairstyle have the power to change everything about how we feel–and sustainable fashion projects help bring joy out into the world.

When you choose to invest in ethical plus-size clothing, you're not just investing in beautiful garments, you’ll also be:

  • Buying pieces of authentic quality made to last
  • Saving valuable natural resources
  • Prioritizing people over profit

It's big-picture stuff, and there is no doubt that clothes made in smaller batches with hand-sewn details and ethical material sourcing practices add real value to your closet.

What’s even better is that sustainable fashion brands put time and energy into getting it right. You can wave goodbye to generic sizing (that’s never accurate!) and celebrate clothes made to perfectly fit your body.

Quality reduces waste, so it's a win-win if you're passionate about plus-size sustainable fashion where you can feel the love within the production practices–whether you're after simple basics, fall outerwear, or a gorgeous garment for a special occasion.

Why Buy From an Ethical Clothing Brand?

How Are Sustainable Clothes Made?

When you go eco-friendly, you open up Pandora's box of innovation - there are some incredible techniques used to produce sustainable clothes! Some of our favorite examples include:

  • Buying deadstock fabric to save it from the landfill, often from top-end fashion houses
  • Purchasing cotton from certified organic farmers (that means no harsh chemicals against your skin!)
  • Reverse engineering plastics and glass to create wholly recycled pieces

It isn't just about recycled fabric, though, because plus-size clothing brands that manufacture truly ethical clothes trace the entire fashion supply chain - like farm to table, but for the outfits in your wardrobe.

The use of water is also hugely important in ethical production practices (a t-shirt manufactured via traditional practices uses a whopping 715 gallons per shirt). Clothes made from recycled materials, which use lower amounts of water in their production are a much better bet.

Find Your New Favorite Ethical Plus-Size Clothing Below!

We've made it our earth-powered mission to curate some of the best ethical plus-size fashion choices all in one glittering marketplace of inclusivity - discover our top-rated sustainable fashion pieces below, so you can shop consciously, not just confidently.

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590 items found
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