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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

5 Bloggers To Follow In September

This month, we’re mixing things up a bit. We love our plus size bloggers and their amazing style and body confidence tips, but we kinda figured we’re missing a whole GENRE (and a very important one at that!) of inspirational ladies to introduce you to.

So, that’s why we’re heading to Youtube for the September Insyze bloggers to follow list.. because these plus size beauties are absolutely diamond standard and not to be ignored!

Glitter and Lazers

For fashion with a dash of sass and laugh out loud moments, we are obsessed with Plus size vlogger Glitter and Lazers.

We absolutely love watching her “How To” and “Haul” videos and she’s actually pretty iconic.

At Insyze, you know we are all about dressing for our body shapes… so when we saw the Haul Alert: 5 Items, 2 Plus Size Bodies + One Lost Button video in collaboration with Kellie B from And I Get Dressed, we were like.. yep! This lady genuinely gets it. 

We also loved watching the Thred Up Plus Size HaulThred Up is the largest online second hand, thrift store  and there are some super cute finds.

And I Get Dressed

Ok, so we may have already featured the And I Get Dressed blog in our June bloggers  post, but if you aren’t already subscribed to Kellie B’s Youtube channel as well then what are you waiting for? 

We’re major fans of Kellie and her Youtube channel is just next level. You can watch her half of the collab video with Glitter and Lazers here: Apple vs Pear 

The Travelling whilst Plus Size video is so relatable.

Loey Lane

Beauty, paranormal and Plus Size vlogger Loey Lane loves fashion and wants to share it with you, me and everybodyyyy! (Ok yes that rhymed and was cheesy, but hey we’re pretty giddy writing about our fave vloggers!!)

Checkout her channel for great fashion and style hauls, like this Bikini Haul from Rosegal. It’s super cute and very affordable. 

Why Are Fat People A Joke? is kinda raw, but it’s great to see her realness in this vid. 

Learning To Be Fearless

Boston based Alexandra Thomas is a fearless Plus Size fashion and body confidence blogger and launched her own advice podcast in 2017. 

Videos we love include:

Fat Girls Try Pole Dancing is the first in the Fearless Series and looks so fun. 

Plus Size Work Outfits partnered with Modcloth is empowering and has some great outfits for fall. 

Edee Beau

Last but DEFINITELY not least is Londoner Edee Beau. Her instagram is Fierce with a capital F and she is empowering women to love their curves through her love of fashion.

The really electric think about Edee Beau’s channel is her sparkling personality – and the fact she’s absolutely gorgeous too! She’s so engaging to watch and one of our top 10 on Youtube and Instagram.

Two great vlogs to start on are Plus Size Trying On My Top 10 Fashion Nova Favourites and Would River Island Plus Fit? 

Are you as obsessed with her style as we are?

Have you subscribed to any of these channels? Tell us which Plus Size vloggers and bloggers you have been loving recently in the comments.

Want some more suggestions from bloggers that we’re loving? Why not check out our posts from August plus size bloggers and July plus size bloggers.