Top tips for the apple body shape

If you’re looking for tips on how to dress for your Apple body shape then you are in the right place. Famous faces who are apples include Dame Judi Dench, Melissa Mcarthy, Drew Barrymore and Adele.

Apples and pears are probably two of the most confused body shapes, as a lot of women who are apples with a large middle think that they are pear shaped and therefore never seem to find the right fitting clothing.

Apples carry a lot of (if not most) of their weight around their midsection and above the waist whilst pears are ‘heavier’ below the waist.

Characteristics of the apple body shape:

  • Broad shoulders
  • Flat (ish) bottom
  • Average to large bust
  • Protruding tummy (fat gathers around the midsection)
  • Less or no defined waist.
  • Hips are narrower than bust
  • Slim legs
apple body shape

If you have an apple body shape you want to follow the contours of your body. Highlighting your best features; bust and legs,  whilst taking attention away from your problem areas like your tummy.


Choose tops (and dresses) that skim over your problem areas rather than cling to your wobbly bits. Spandex is your worst enemy whilst floaty silks and soft cottons in simple designs will look great on you.

While you want to avoid clothes that are clingy, loose or very baggy tops can also be a bad choice as these will hang off you like sacks and make you look bigger than you actually are.

Tops in single, block colours or monochrome shades will elongate your top half while tops in lots of different colours or panels will tend cut your body in half.

Apple body shape

Plus dark red brushed rib top – River Island

If patterns are your thing, don’t despair, you can still pull off this look. Choose patterns around the décolletage or bust area rather than lower down.

Apple body shape

Flared Peplum Top – Melissa McCarthy

Large checks and patterns, as well as tops in pastel colours, will make you look bigger than you are.  Unless that is the look you are going for, try to avoid these styles.

V necklines are a great fit for you as they highlight your best feature (your bust area) however low cut tops that show too much cleavage can look unflattering.  Longer length tops and tunics are your best friends as these will skim over the widest parts of your silhouette.

Apple body shape

Black lace embroidered tunic – Evans

Jackets and Knitwear

Layering is a great look for you and wearing a dark colour on top of a lighter colour makes your tummy disappear (or at least hides it.)

If you have an apple body shape try to find a jacket that skims over your tummy and waist. Longer styles work for you whilst jackets that finish on the waist will make you look boxy.

Stick to sleek trench or duster coats and avoid puffa jackets, unless you want to rock the marshmallow look.

Apple body shape

Longline Suedette Mac – Simply Be

Choose single-breasted coats rather than double-breasted styles.

Double breasted coats draw the eye line to your midsection and can make you look wider than you are.


The key when it comes to choosing dresses for the apple body shape is to make it look like your waistline is not at waist level. Dresses with a dropped skirt such as tennis style dress will lower the waistline whilst empire line dresses have raised waists. The empire line trick doesn’t work for everyone though.

Apple body shape

Lola Jade beaded tulle gown – Navabi

Skater, swing and A-line dresses will also draw attention away from your heavier top section, with  fuller skirts will balance out your silhouette.

Try to avoid clingy fabrics such as spandex and elastane. Figure-hugging body-cons will highlight every lump and bump

Dresses that have puffy sleeves or have halter neck will emphasise your upper body, making it look wider so are not a good look. Instead, go for a dress which has a plunging or V neckline, these will create angles and make your body look less rounded.

Apple body shape

Loverobe jacquard v neck dress – Simply Be

Elongate your figure and make it look longer and less boxy wearing tunic or shift styles.

Trousers and Skirts

As an apple, we know that you have some great legs and you should show them off by wearing an A-line or flared skirt. Stick to skirts that fall to the knee or just above as shorter styles such as miniskirts may make you look top-heavy.

When it comes to jeans and trousers tapered styles are to be avoided as they will make you look top heavy. Instead, opt for straight leg or bootcut trousers.

Apple body shape

Ruby Straight Leg Jeans – Yours Clothing

Look for trousers or skirts that are flat fronted, have pull-on styles or trousers/skirts that have a side zip fastening rather than a front zip.

Things to avoid

Belts, whether big or small are not a great look for you. They attract attention to the very areas that you want to hide so are best avoided.

Gathered fabrics around the midsection

Short sleeves, or sleeves that finish at bust level will direct attention to the bust. If you want to avoid this, choose full length or 3/4 sleeves.

Best Styles To Wear for Apple Body Shapes:

  • Empire lines
  • Tunics and longer tops/cardigans/jackets
  • V-necks
  • Patterns to be kept to a minimum on your top section
  • Single breasted jackets
  • Knee length skirts
  • Bootcut or straight leg trousers