This is our most treasured part of Insyze. Body positivity and confidence is at the essence of our very mission and purpose. We want you to feel confident in your own skin, no matter what size you are and it's important to us to help you get there. These Body Positive and Body Confidence Boosting posts are here to inspire you to love your body.

glitter and lazers plus size bikini

Can Plus Size Wear Bikinis?

There's a stigma in society that if you are fat, you shouldn't expose your body in any way. Whether this is wearing ...

lollyxm_ plus size style

Girl Crush: LollyXM

If you haven't heard of Lolly yet, then this chick from Liverpool is about to become your new favorite Youtuber and ...

plus size body confidence

The #BoCoChallenge

The month of January marks new beginnings and new year's resolutions, which usually after a long period of drinking ...

hm prod

H&M to revise sizing

Have you heard the news InSyders? H&M are revising the sizes of their clothing in the UK. After years of custome...

Hayet Rida red dressed

Can I Change My Body Shape?

We all come in many different body shapes and sizes, but one commonly asked question by people unhappy with their na...