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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Our 2019 #BoCoChallenge

The month of January marks new beginnings and new year's resolutions, which usually after a long period of drinking and eating loads over Xmas, result in feelings of guilt, shame and low body confidence because of societal pressures to achieve 'the perfect body'. If you're a fat girl, or even a fat man reading this; we can take a wild guess that you've been pressured into starting a diet or had abusive comments hurled at you on the street or on social media by complete strangers. We see it on our own instagram account, all the time.
It's no wonder so many of us feel low in self confidence and ashamed of our bodies - but it doesn't have to be this way! A nugget of advice we have always treasured is this; you can't control how others act or what they do, but you can control how you react and what you do in the face of adversity. So, in the face of diet culture and the pressure to be a size 6, we are starting 2019 with a Body Confidence Challenge and here's how you can take part….

Over on Instagram…

What's involved with the Insyze #BoCoChallenge

As we said on Instagram, we are all for being healthy and having positive New Years resolutions, but there is genuinely nothing healthier or more positive than making a resolution to become more body confident and practising self-acceptance.
So on Jan 1, instead of starting a diet or exercise regime that’s based on self loathing, we are going to set you one tiny challenge a day with the intention of bringing us all together in pursuit of body confidence.

For seven days, we'll be setting you a body positive challenge every day to guide you along the road of self-acceptance. It's not an easy road to travel and it's ok if you find it hard. You don't have to share your journey on Instagram if you don't want to, as we understand that body confidence is a private journey for many people and that's fine.

If you do want to share your journey, you can do this by tagging @insyzestyle and using the #BoCoChallenge