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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Insyze Spotlight: Vivian Sinya

Vivian Sinya is "here to break standards & spread good vibes," as she explains in her Instagram Bio.

Vivian is a plus size fashion blogger who consistently posts fashion looks, travel pictures (from better times) and an overall look into her daily life.

The Insyze Team wanted to dive in even deeper into the world of Vivian. We asked her questions from Instagram tips to body confidence advice, and everything in between.

What has been your journey with body positivity?

I first started to become aware of body positivity when Gabi Fresh began showing up on my feed. Shortly after I was able to see more and more women embracing their bodies in ways I've never seen before. I looked up to the women that were pioneers in this movement which inspired me to contribute as much as I could and be an inspiration for others as well. Now I can say that I have a better relationship with my body because of the women that showed me that it was okay to love my body even if I didn't look like a Victoria Secret model.

Do you remember a time when your mindset changed regarding your body positivity?

I remember that when I was in High School I would only wear baggy jeans or t-shirts because I was trying to hide my shape. I was bigger than most and felt ashamed. I don't remember exactly the moment I changed but I remember after I finished college, I began wearing crop tops that would show my belly or little of my stretch marks and someone would ask, "Are you really wearing that?" and I would respond confidently, "Yes, I look good in it." I even surprise myself sometimes because for so long I tried to hide my shape but now I love showing it off.

What motivates you when you’re feeling low in confidence?

When I am feeling low in confidence I go where any woman should go. I go to the Queen B! Beyoncé can make you feel like the woman you are just by listening to her music or watching her documentaries. Not only does she work harder than anyone else but her motivation and determination literary rubs off on you. She is just so inspiring and she always gets me motivated to up my game.

What’s your advice for women who are struggling to accept their bodies?

Your bodies are a lot like a plant or a flower. You have to give it love in order for it to grow and bloom. But most of all you have to be patient. It takes time to get those bad thoughts out of your mind that so many of us were taught to have while growing up. Take it day by day. Each day look at yourself in the mirror and find one thing you like about your body.

Work on doing things that make you happy and feel good because eventually, it will make you want to feel good about your body as well. And one last thing that could help, is having some type of support or a community of girls that are just like you. We are all often dealing with the same body issues and just being able to lean on one another really helps you feel like you're not alone.

Who is a role model for you in the body positivity space and why?

I have so many role models in the body positivity space so it's hard to only name one. But for the sake of this interview, I'll say some great role models are @discoveringcasey @mstamaramoon @robindasongbird @darkerberrie @freshoutthecocoon @amapoundcake just to name a few. These women are authentic, they can be vulnerable at times, they always put you up on the latest beauty or fashion but most of all they help others gain confidence just by showing up every day and connecting with women just like them.

What is your favorite Instagram tip?

Engage, Engage, Engage! Don't be one of those people that post and never engage with others or answer your comments. The point of Instagram is to connect with others if you're not responding to your dm's or comments you won't go very far.

We have been a big fan of Vivian for awhile. We even made her one of the Insyze Cover Girls , featuring her on the front page of our plus size clothing website.

If you liked this interview, make sure to head to our blog to read more plus size bloggers and stay up to date with plus size fashion HERE.

You can follow Vivian on Instagram HERE. Please let us know other plus size fashion bloggers we should be interviewing!