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Workwear Looks For The Banana Body Shape

We couldn’t believe how popular our post on the straight up and down body type has been. In fact, we actually found out that the banana / straight up and down body shape is one of the most common body shapes in the UK and US right now. Hourglass curves ala Kylie Jenner may be en vogue, but that doesn’t mean everyone has that body – even if they wish they did.

We are big advocates for working with what you got. Don’t go wishing for someone else’s body when you have a beautiful one yourself! But we do understand that dressing for your body shape can be a struggle if you feel unhappy with your shape.

In this post, we’re getting to work. Yep, we are literally looking at great workwear and office outfits that your fabulous banana shape body can flaunt. The aim of our game is to help you look professional, confident and give you a great silhouette that avoids the ‘boxy’ look that so many straight up and down body types try to avoid.


Tops with high necklines or a collar work well for your body shape so a classic shirt is perfect for you. The Evans stripe shirt with hidden buttons and a patch pocket to the left chest draws the eye line up. It even has 3/4 sleeves which are great for the banana body shape.

straight up and down body shape

Waterfall cardigans are a must have for your workwear wardrobe. We love this one from the M&S Curvecollection. Which colour will you choose?

straight up and down body shape



Pants are great to wear to work. They are comfortable and you never have to worry about moisturising your legs or feeling the cold from the air con unit! Pants are especially great for the rectangle body shape and you can pretty much wear any style! For a professional yet stylish look, we recommend slightly flared styles like these pull on bootcut trousers from Yours Clothing 

We also love the look of these Target pants on Garner Style – she really nails the hi-low styling trend of pairing low-cost pieces with high end designers.

straight up and down body shape


rectangle body shape pants


A-line and slightly tapered pencil skirts are perfect for your workwear wardrobe. We love the knee length pencil skirt from Castaluna at La Redoute.

straight up and down body shape


Banana babes can rock pretty much any style of dress but for the office we suggest an a-line like this Studio 8 Michelle Colour Block dress available at Curvissa 

straight up and down body shape

So to recap:

The best workwear looks for the banana shape body include:

  • Collared shirts – bonus points if they have embellishment to the collar or chest.
  • Waterfall or open front cardigans and single-breasted jackets
  • Mid-rise, bootcut or slightly flared trousers
  • A-line dresses and skirts

As always these suggestions are only guidelines. We know that all of you straight up and down body shapes will look amazing whatever you wear.


Want more tips on how to dress a straight up and down body shape for evening wear? We got you, girl.

Our original guide on your rectangle body shape is here.

banana bodyshape workwear

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