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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Plus Size Sustainable Clothing

We can’t deny that climate change is real, especially when there are a growing number of natural disasters happening literally all over the globe. That’s why more and more of us are looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. One way you can do just that is through making sustainable fashion choices. From renting our outfits, buying sustainable or pre-loved clothing or shopping our closets and getting more wear out of the clothes that we already have, there are tons of ways we can look good, feel good and do good too!

Insyze are here to help you find out more about sustainable clothing through discovering new brands that are pioneering ethical and sustainable practices. Check out our sustainable collection of plus-size clothes and find out more about each of our brands on their brand profile page.

Featured Image: @dorafashionspace

Say Bye Bye to Synthetics

At Insyze we’ve talked a lot about natural fibers in clothing and why we love them. Cottons and linens are both breathable and durable. 

When it comes to the environment, natural fibers win hands down as they are biodegradable. Synthetic fibers are not. 

Let’s take two sweaters, one made from natural fibers and one synthetic, bury them for fifty years and then come back to see what’s left. 

The wooly sweatshirt (natural fiber) is literally not there anymore as the fibers have basically decomposed. But the one that’s made from acrylic? Well that will still be there in the year 3000. 

Let's Talk About Ethics

Paying people a fair living wage so that they can feed, clothe themselves and put a roof above their heads is like the bare minimum, so why is it something that sometimes feels like a novelty in the fashion industry? - especially when it comes to fast fashion.

When we talk about ethical plus-size clothing we mean brands who do just that; paying fair wages for the talented workers who cut, sew, embroider and design the clothes that we love to wear.  

Ethical and sustainable are terms that are used a lot to mean the same thing but it basically comes down to people and planet. While many strive to be both, ethical fashion focuses more on what is ‘morally right.’ Including fair and clean working conditions for people, saying no to child labour,  supporting animal welfare, vegan fashion and, like we mentioned earlier, paying fair wages. 

Sustainable clothing for plus-size bodies

As you learn more about the environmental impact that the fashion industry has on the planet you, like me, probably want to jump on the sustainable fashion bandwagon as fast as possible. But then when you find a sustainable clothing brand, you look at their size chart only to find that you’ve been left out…again! Massive red flag if the new brand doesn’t even have a size chart to look at.

In fact, did you know that the clothing and textiles industry accounts for 1.7 billion tonnes of CO2 emitted annually.- Scary right? 

Yet as the door to sustainable clothes has been shut to a lot of us for so long, people in the plus-size community literally had no choice but to buy from fast fashion brands.

So Insyze is on a mission to knock the proverbial door down and shout about plus-size and size inclusive brands that are sustainable, ethical and basically amazing so that you too can make a positive impact and reduce your carbon footprint. Did we mention that we also plant a tree for every order placed with us. 🌳